Ross Lynch Girlfriend is Courtney Eaton Not Laura Marano. Ross Lynch And Courtney Eaton Kissing in Club

How awesome would it be if you could find your perfect soul mate, the right one? Has the 20-year-old American singer and actor Ross Lynch found the absolute perfect woman for him?  One of the founders of the pop rock band R5, Ross has been associated in numerous relationships. But seems like he has taken his present relationship goals quite seriously – his current girlfriend – Australian bombshell Courtney Eaton, has filled his Instagram posts with much love and happiness.

Ross Lynch and his girlfriend Courtney at a Halloween Party

Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton’s relationship: Soul mates?

Disney’s Austin and Ally star was rumored to have been dating his co-star Laura Morano since they play similar roles as lovers in the series too. But some other news been trending for quite some time - it is a fact that he has been considered to have been more-than-just-friends with his Disney’s companions – but what has caught the public eye was his secret appointments and meetings with the Mad Max Aussie actress Courtney since 2015.


Some time ago. 

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The couple - along with Ross's family members even went on a vacation to Venice, Italy last year. We definitely should thank Ross's mother Stormie for letting us peek into their vacation since the photo credits go to Stormie Lynch. 

Ross Lynch with Family and Friends on a trip to Italy

They were also spotted together at Coachella 2016 – holding hands. Both actors paired up in white on top and light denim. Fans have started calling the couple as "Rourtney". This proves how committed they are to their relationship, isn’t it?

Ross Lynch and Courtney’s sensational-fiery kiss

The 20-year-old lovers have been spotted kissing in public – not once, not twice but multiple times!

Just a few months ago, Ross was accompanied by his beau and other friends on a trip to Mexico. And what would make Ross feel better other than to post a picture of himself with his beau Courtney - kissing! He posted a rather blur photo on Instagram where he is found smooching his love bird. He has perfectly captioned the picture - "Caught in the club". The picture reached out to so many of his fans that it has around 100k likes and more than 5000 comments!


Caught in da club. #MexicoCity

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The duo officially spread the news about their relationship in September 2015. Want to know who took the initiative? It was Ross who posted a picture of themselves surrounded by his friends and family on Instagram. They are passionately kissing one another in the picture while his siblings – Rocky and Rydel and friends  Alexa and Savannah pose beautifully for the shoot.


Sometime Last Night

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Since then, there is just no stopping for this young couple. Everywhere they go, the news of them kissing and accompanying one another follows with them. There is no doubt that they make such a cute couple!

This video provides a compilation of all glimpses the duo share together. They just make us go “Aww”. What has been revealed further may shock you. The Gods of Egypt actress and Teen Beach actor have similar interests too – photography! According to Just Jared, in one of her tweets she mentioned that developed photography makes her happy.

As mentioned before, their relationship seems to go so smooth – have they discovered one another as soul mates?

So this is what Ross and Courtney are caught up with all day!

While the media was busy speculating regarding their relationship status, the pair were so not in the mood to disclose and publicize about what they are up to. But since everything is out in the open, they really do enjoy their moments together and fearlessly share it with their fans.

Seems like the doublets spend way more time together than expected. 

What could be more exciting than to watch these love birds share a screen space together? Yes, you read it right! In May 2016, it was declared that Eaton would be working alongside her beau Ross in an upcoming comedy movie Status Update. The movie is currently under its production-filming process.  

Ross Lynch and his co-star Laura Marano : Just friends?

Since the TV comedy series Austin and Ally aired since 2011, fans have always waited to see the two (Ross and Laura) hit it in real life too. Despite their obvious chemistry, according to J-14, Ross revealed the status of their relationship - Just friends! He added, “Me and Laura are really close friends. People often used to tease us on set though.”

Their friendly relationship is just not limited to their TV series; even after the completion of Austin and Ally, they are still intact and support one another. She even tweeted about a song Ross sang in the TV series 4 years ago. If this isn't true friendship, then what more is?

It all started when Ross took the opportunity on Twitter to share his excitement regarding his co-star Laura’s first song release “Boombox”. Meanwhile, Laura also responded to Ross with a tweet mentioning that she will be involved in Ross band R5 for their new song “Darkside”. This clearly proves that their friendship is going to last forever!

Moreover, there is absolutely no bad blood between Laura and Ross's beau, Courtney. Laura and Court both tweeted about how they adore and respect one another.