Roof Care made simpler, increase the durability of your Roof

March 18, 2018
First Published On: July 9, 2017
by HitBerry

A roof is known as the top open part of the house which protects the interiors of your home. As it is situated out in the open to face weather challenges so it gets dirty time and again. So, if you want your roof to take care of you, you should take care of your roof too.


It is the most expensive part of our house and is out in the open to fight with all the weather challenges; observation of your roof twice a year is important.

Clean off debris and Softwashing

A roof is an open part hence the debris (mud, stone, sand, dirt etc) settle there. These things mainly come from rain, wind or naturally.

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We must clean it to prevent our roof from decaying or degrading. It’s simple though, we can clean it by using the water or sweeping it out.

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Inspect the flashing

Flashing is the components used to weatherproof or seal roof system at the edges or at the perimeters, penetrations walls, expansion joints, valleys, drains and another place where the roof covering is interrupted or terminated. Hence, we must inspect the flashing timely to see if there is any leakage or breakage.

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Secure loose shingle

Shingle is a small thin piece of a roofing material, often with one end thicker than the other for laying in overlapping rows as covering for the roof or sides of a building. Hence we must secure the loose shingle. We must check the status of loose Shingles time to time because in the open place like roof e most durable shingles have a chance of breakage.

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Clean secure and inspect the gutters

In the roof, we have the gutter or drainage system but is your gutter or drainage systematically installed? If it is, then the rainwater and other dirt will systemically flow in the drainage. But sometimes it is blocked by dried leaves dirt, grass, and other inorganic dirt.

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Hence, we must clean and secure the gutter occasionally. We must check the gutter system after rainfall and after the storm. If the roof gutters are jammed then after certain time and with the continuous weight of water collected, it may leak or even fall apart.

Inspect and repair the mortar

In the roofing system, there is the open space to check the crack in a mortar. After sun, rain and wind etc these mortar get dirty or can be damaged. Hence we must inspect it time to time and repair them using chemicals like ( a mixture of cement, sand, and water).

Prune trees branches that touch or hang over the roof

Some place of the house is covered by trees. Hence tree near our house may harm the house with their hanging branches. These branches touch or hang over the roof and break or dislocate the shingles. So we must cut down the Hanging branches of the trees.

Tips: Trees gives us oxygen it’s good for our health it’s a benefit of nature but if trees grew in our house’s roof it might destroy your houses.

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So, these were some of the easy steps that you can do to protect your roof from serious damage. So, If you have any serious roof related issue, hire a roofing contractor.