Ronny Deila talks his tenure at Celtic.

May 8, 2016
First published on:May 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Ronny Deila, a Norwegian professional football player and current manager of Scottish Premiership club Celtic, is going to quit the club.  

Ronny Deila will be pleasuring in the presentation of a second Premiership trophy of his tenure before departing Celtic in the eight day’s time from today.

To talk about the official time which Delia spent at Celtic, there were too many players to be handled in the club.As we know bigger is not always better the same thing has been painfully represented by the misfiring of Celtic that has caused Delia to do the honorable thing.

Delia when measured against the club’s illustrious past, he stated that about nothing he could have done as manager would have been good enough.

About his tenure in Celtic Deila said-

“I’ve developed a lot. I’ve been to a small club [Strømsgodset] and now a very, very big club with unbelievable pressure in a very special situation. Celtic had won everything before I came and everything you do will never be good enough, almost. The challenge has been unbelievably big and all these experiences have done something to me as a manager and person. There are things I have done very well and things I could have done better.”

We wish Delia for the best tenure ship in upcoming clubs where he would be working.

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