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Ronan Farrow doesn't believe in the sanctity of marriage.

April 15, 2016
First published on:April 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Ronan Farrow is one of those lucky individuals who have had extremely talented people as parents. He is supposedly the offspring of legendary actor, singer Frank Sinatra and was raised by Woody Allen. Some are lucky others just surpass luck, Ronan happens to be one of them.

Ronan on his personal relationship level is rather sober and tasteless. It is believed due to the peculiar family he has had. He feels associations are not totally necessary as he could do well without it. He has not been married and probably will not.

It is rumored that Ronan on an intimate level is very condescending toward the social attribute of marriage. It is believed he is most satiable with a partner than he would ever be with a wife. As he feels the freedom still lingers while one is with a partner which is not attainable if one were to have a wife for instance.

However he is known to have had several girlfriends over the years and in his youth had an active dating life.  He is known to have dated both men and women in the past. However, he strongly refuses to label himself with the modern terms of sexual preferences that categories one to certain compartmental desire.

He has openly stated that he will not label himself gay, straight or in this case bisexual in any means whatsoever.  He rather is known to have said that he has an “ambiguous sexual orientation”.  Earlier it had been reported that Ronan was under pressure from the LGBT community to come out as openly gay.

His response to it was, he clearly understands his sexual orientations and does not need to be adamant and outspoken about it as he considers it to be a greatly intimate subject that requires no one else’s opinion, thought feeling etc but his.

He was known to have had an affair with celebrity Jemima Khan and also Tory Buch. He was also rumored to be dating Jon Lovett.

As a child, Ronan was a child prodigy and graduated law school at the age of 21. As an activist, he has always fought for child advocacy rights and also helped children especially in poor countries and continents like Africa whose lives are threatened by aids.

Currently, he is the host of his own show titled “Ronan Farrow Daily” which airs on MSNBC. He is also waiting for the publication of his book.

Ronan’s personal net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $5 million. His yearly salary is supposedly $650 thousand. It is believed he has made most of his earnings through his various career that have spanned as a journalist, lawyer, activist and former advisor to the U.S government as part of president Obama’s team.