Romola Garai calls herself 'a ticking grenade of gender anger.'

May 17, 2016
First published on:May 17, 2016
by HitBerry

The gorgeous English actress who has been nominated twice for a Golden Globe Award Romola Garai calls herself 'a ticking grenade of gender anger.'


The actress is well aware of feminist talk of misogynist male directors to the vaginal waxing thing. She knows how all of this sounds. She laughs and says, ‘I’m a ticking grenade of gender anger,

Romola Garai is one of those bomb actresses who is beautiful and so much so talented that her style of uttering F words are ‘you know’ are just like some ticking grenade.


You will know that her ways of throwing F-bomb are rare. She is bold to stand for herself when it comes to being patronized on or off set.

This 33 years old beauty said  ‘I felt throughout my twenties that if I were a 40-year-old or a man, people wouldn’t mind so much when I didn’t agree with them. But because I was a 27-year-old girl, everyone was like, “Why is the puppet girl mouthing off? Why is she so angry?The film industry fosters a lot of bullies and macho behaviour, and when those guys meet a woman who thinks of herself utterly as an equal, they can smell it.”


Some directors are just f***ing threatened by you from the moment they walk on set... I’ve had experiences with some men professionally when I can just sense their cocks crawl up inside their bodies.”

She even points out that the actresses are in a vulnerable position in the industry to some extent and they stays in minority

“Producers know that women are going to accept less money, because they have fewer roles to play. Only 30 per cent of parts on film and television are for women, so you can’t be as choosy. I’m sure I’ve been paid less than my male co-stars. If you are a public broadcaster [like the BBC] there should be an equal industry [pay] standard.” She said.

She even shared the some in the industry using women and their boobs to make extra $10m and again how women get ready to show their tits off as they have been waiting too long for the chance. Change is difficult to happen unless industry thinks like that

Yeah! It sure is a valid point. 

Romola Garai may be the angriest actress in showbusiness, says Alison Boshoff.




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