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Romany Malco Net Worth: How rich is "funny black guy"? Ex- husband of Taryn Dakha

October 4, 2016
First published on:October 4, 2016
by John

Romany Malco is an American musician and an actor who is best known for his role in the American romantic comedy movie series 'Think like a Man". He has also played notable roles in TV series like Weeds, Level 9 etc.

Career and Net Worth

Romany has set a footprint on both the music and music industry. Right after graduation, the noe-47-year-old music recorder, along with his friends, formed a rap group - R.M.G. The music group was sigend by Virgin Records in the year 1991 after they shifted to Los Angeles.

Later, the name of the band was changed to College Boyz with four members namely - R.O.M for Romany, Squeak, B. Selector and DJ Cue. Their single Victim of the Ghetto gained worldwide popularity with their song reaching up to the top position on the Hot Rap Singles.

Since the start of his career in 1999, Romany has played over 25 movies. The November born actor has set a benchmark for many forthcoming actors with his exceptional acting skills. Moreover, he has been seen in notable roles for TV series such as Weeds (2005), No Ordinary Family (2010), Unsupervised (2012) and his latest series Mad Dogs (2015).

Talking about his net worth the Last Vegas actor has an estimate of $3 million. While his net worth was $1,538,461 as of 2012, it increased to $ 3 million in 4 years.

The sources come from basically the roles he has had in the entertainment industry. To break down his salary, according to Celebrity Glad, the actor earned $250,000 for his 2002 movie The Tuxedo, $187,500 for White Boy (2002), $171,429 for The Prime Gig (2000), $153,846 for The Wrecking Crew (2000), $130,435 for The Urban Menace (1999).

Personal Life

Romany, at present, lives in Puerto Rico since he has special interests in living at an island. According to his blog, he mentions that Puerto Rico is a closer place to be nearby to his family and also that he finds it safer than USA.

The 40-year old Virgin actor married his girlfriend Taryn Dakha, a former ice skater in 2008. Taryn apparently was the role double for Taryn Dakha. Taryn and Romany met in the sets of The Love Guru where both Jessica and Romany was a part of. The couple met in 2007 but at present are not together anymore. In his blog, Malco mentions that Taryn is his ex-wife now. According to Bijog, in an interview with Malco, he stated that he single! He even mentioned about it in his twitter account.

Romany really does seem to be of a guy with a "Simple Living and a High Thinking". He has inspired many youth and often his quotes are helpful to a bunch as a source of inspiration.

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