Roman Polanski Married Thrice, Divorce Twice and Rape Case with Samantha Geimer. Know all

July 8, 2016
First Published On: July 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Roman Polanski is one of that soul who is considered as a truly international filmmaker. Why you ask? This man has not limited his filmmaking capability to a single country but took his directing prowess to Poland, France and even to the UK, not to mention this lucky son is a holocaust survivor.

With his numerous movies on our favorite list, we go on to talk about his love life. This man has married thrice and divorced twice. Chic magnet!!!

His first wife was Polish actress Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass. They got married in 1959 and got divorced three years after in 1962. Barbara died on 1996 from the brain hemorrhage.

Similarly, he married American actress Sharon Tate in 1968. Their marriage didn’t last long as the result of Tate’s murder a year after just two weeks before her date of child delivery, what another one also dead? The culprit was inferred to be one of Charles Manson's men. She was stabbed multiple times shortly after midnight along with fellow actress Joanna Pettet and Barbara Lewis, no not Barbara Kwaitkowska.

Currently, he is married to French actress Emmanuelle Seigner. They tied their knot in 1989. The couple has two children, one son-Elvis, and a daughter- Morgane. Surprisingly Polanski and Seigner have an age difference of 33 years, big f***ing deal, right? Yes, we have to say as he was also in a relationship with a German actress, boy o boy he surely does like an actress- Polish, American, French, and German- going on a world tour dude? So, he was in a relationship with this German actress Nastassja Kinski who at that time around was about 17. Their movie finished and so did their relation after his shameful conviction of rape case.

What rape case, you ask? It’s the rape case that proved that no matter how big a director you are, you can totally f**k things up.

It was 1977 and Polanski was convicted of sexually harassing and raping 13-year-old Samantha Gailey who at that time was working for him as a model. After being pledged guilty of "Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a minor” he underwent psychiatrist evaluation. After various events, Polanski fled to France, just weeks before his sentencing. Despite being labeled as a rapist he continued doing his work and even though the ghost of his past didn’t leave him completely with various court cases still going on at least he is going at it.

Now he is living happily with his third wife and two children. All of his earnings combined, together with his property and investment, his net worth adds up to a staggering figure of $45 million.

Among his hit movies includes the like of The Pianist (2002), Chinatown (1974), The Ghost Writer (2010). His director credit for The Pianist and The Ghost Writer has won him various major awards including the prestigious Oscars. Polanski has also been awarded other awards from various nations naming him as one of the most iconic directors of his generation.