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Roman Kemp's Gay Rumors floating around. Who is he Dating?

September 26, 2017
First published on:September 26, 2017
by HitBerry

In earlier days, one's sexual orientation was taken as a serious matter. When one's sexuality isn't found normal such as us, we people tend to make awkward reactions while interacting with them. Previously, being lesbian or gay was a sin and a crime that he or she didn't commit. But today's modern generation society accepts that society and people express it freely enough. American-British television presenter Roman Kemp is rumored to be gay. So is it true?

Roman Kemp is a renowned American-British television and radio presenter. As for his influential career highlights, he is best known for working the Capital FM Radio Station. Born in London, he also happened to work for one of the most respected TV Show in the UK, "The X-Factor UK" 2016.

Roman Kemp's Gay Rumors on the Internet!

Whether one is attracted to its own sex or not, the first thing that should appear in our minds is that we are humans. So while we get going on Roman Kemp being a gay or not, let's not have negative judgment any soon.

Roman Kemp, source: Capital FM;

As much as you fans are desperate to know, we too are condemned to tell his rumor with extra crisp and fun going all along when you read the article. Well, to begin with, Roman back then used to feature his ex-girlfriend in his youtube videos. And on the progress of uploading videos daily, he came up with a video entitled " epic relationship test".Alas, he wore a lipstick in the video and fans were upset about it with numerous thoughts on their mind.

And on the progress of uploading videos daily, he came up with a video entitled "epic relationship test". Alas, he wore a lipstick in the video and fans were upset about it with numerous thoughts on their mind.

Well, if you have watched the video above, and not been a judging character, the conclusion should be that he isn't gay. Besides, it was only a funny video that he made with his ex-girlfriend Holly Filtness.

Roman Kemp on the studio going live from Capital FM, source: Capital FM

In addition, it has been harder for female fans for such a handsome English boy to be gay. Despite that, uncertainty remains on the internet and some fans continue feeling obnoxious about  Roman.

Roman Kemp, source: nicktoons

Current Relationship of  Roman Kemp

So, if he is not gay, who is he dating? Roman Kemp is no guy for whom girls wouldn't fall in love. In fact, an opportunity to date celebrity such as Selena has also come across him. To know when and what happened between them, scroll down!

Roman Kemp, source: DailyStar

The British DJ first confessed as a huge crush on Selena Gomez. In reply to that, the glamour herself said that she would love to go on a date with Kemp. At this point, being a friend of Justin Beiber popped in his head and wouldn't risk hurting his feelings.

Well, we fans wished it to happen and were even more excited than them. LOL. Roman recently proposed Zara Larson, and she amazingly said "yes" to him.

Roman Kemp and Zara Larson, source: Capital FM

However, this is just a written contract for the fans and tv show marketing. Although Roman hasn't officially announced about his partner, we sure hope he reveals soon after he gets himself in a relationship