Rochelle Aytes Engaged!! Getting married to boyfriend CJ Lindsay!!

October 2, 2015
First published on:October 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Rochelle Aytes, star of the hit TV show Mistresses, is now engaged to her long time boyfriend CJ Lindsey, who is also an actor. Rochelle and CJ had been dating for years now and were known to be one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood.

CJ proposed to Rochelle in a very romantic setting during an evening at the beach, while they were on their way to Vancouver. CJ had planned the proposal all along, but wasn’t optimistic about the weather being friendly towards him and was delighted when the evening turned out to be as beautiful as he hoped for and not damp and foggy as it usually is in that part of the country.

Rochelle first shared the news of her proposal with her family, and then with her close friends. According to her, everybody was very happy for her. Rochelle then shared her proposal to all of her fans and the world via Twitter saying

”He asked me to marry him and I said Yes! I feel so blessed to have this amazing beautiful man in my life! God is so good. All the time!!!”

After the tweet, she thanked her best friend Kelle Stewart, who was the reason behind Rochelle and CJ’s union.  She said she was very grateful and thanked her for being a beautiful soul.

Sources close to Rochelle have said she was totally not expecting the proposal at all and it took her by surprise. She was very happy when CJ proposed to her and later confessed that the feeling she got the moment CJ went down on his knees and produced the ring was pure bliss. She had no other word on her mind but “Yes”. She also said she always wanted CJ to propose to her and her wish was finally fulfilled.

The ring which CJ gave to her during the proposal was a special emerald cut diamond upon a platinum ring. The ring in itself was an exquisite piece that would have been hard to say no to for any woman in the world. Rochelle has recently been showing of her new rock to friends and family and also to the media. She says she does so out of happiness and no other reason.

The couples are all set to get married sometime in the fall of 2016. The wedding, as planned by them, is going to be an extravagant affair with a number of celebrities and high profile personalities on the guest list. Rochelle has said she is delighted that CJ is going to be her husband. She also said CJ is exactly the type of man she always wanted to marry. 

Rochelle is just 39 years of age and has said several times over the years that she is looking forward to her forty’s.  Her ethnicity is African American and at forty, she is still considered to be a very beautiful woman.  Rochelle is an active user of social net working platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She has already tweeted over three thousand times and can be followed @rochelleaytes on Twitter and as rochelleaytes4real on Instagram. 


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