Robin Meade's and Husband Tim Yeager Finally Enjoying Family Life Out Of House After Knee Surgery

January 26, 2018
First published on:August 7, 2016
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“I have to believe in it because my hubby claims when he first saw me in college his heart quickened, and he couldn't breathe well. He says it was like God was telling him "There she is!" How sweet is that?”

Says the stunningly beautiful news anchor Robin Meade when she was asked whether she believes in love at first sight or not. The 47-year-old lady who still looks ten years younger than her age is working as the lead news anchor for the morning show Morning Express with Meade for HLN.

Robin Meade and Tim Yeager's Marital Life

The beautiful TV personality married her husband Tim Yeager on November 6, 1993. The couple met in the college and started dating after that. As in the interview, she has opened up about the truth that his husband fell in love with her at first sight in college.

[ CAPTION: Robin Meade's husband ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The love is equal to the day since the first day they have fallen with each other. Spending more than two decades of time together, they are still able to maintain their married life a stable and easygoing one. Meade says the reason behind this-

“Our schedules keep it fresh! We don't see each other during the week. So when we finally bump into each other on Friday nights, it's like, "Look at you! You're cute! How was your week? Great to see you! Let's go out together!" While it's not easy, it does keep us yearning for each other!”

Though in this 23 years of marriage, the couple does not have any child together.

Tim Yeager and Robin Meade enjoying family life out of the house

Some months ago, Robin’s loving husband was suffering from a knee injury and was having a bed rest. But as soon as he recovered and after his knee replacement surgery was done, the couple could not resist from getting out of the house together for a fun trip as if they were waiting for the very since a long time.

[ CAPTION: Robin Meade and Tim Yeager ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Not only at that time, but the couple is also often seen going out of the house for refreshment and fun. In the over 23 years of married life, they never get bored of traveling out together instead they are seen enjoying each other’s company. Either it’s a vacation or a dinner out they love going out together.

[ CAPTION: Robin Meade and Tim Yeager ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Parents are always our well-wisher and the supporters so we should be able to make them happy always and the couple is doing it. They went out to enjoy the weekend on a beach with their parents on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

[ CAPTION: Robin Meade and Tim Yeager ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Robin Meade

Robin born in New London, Ohio graduated from Ashland University. The gorgeous lady has been successful in beauty pageant winning the title of Miss. Ohio (1992) and being a semi-finalist in the Miss-America. She has even been listed in the list of 20 most popular television news personalities and was voted as the number 1 “Sexiest Newscaster” by an online poll. Plus the lady seems to have an obsession with shoes.

[ CAPTION: Robin Meade ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Robin Meade ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

For her hard work and courage to cover 1995 ‘collision between a school bus and a train’, she won a regional Emmy award. 

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