Robin McGraw secretly married Dr. Phil, her long term boyfriend: looks sexy after plastic surgery

January 12, 2017
First published on:January 12, 2017
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Robin McGraw is an author, philanthropist and television personality who is best known for sharing forty years of marital relation with Dr. Phil McGraw. She is also the board member of a non- profit charitable organization named "The Dr. Phil Foundation" which is committed to supporting and initiating the needs of children and families.

Rabin McGraw and Phil McGraw have been married for 40 years and still living together without any conflict or divorce issues with their two children. Her rumors regarding the plastic surgery are the highlights today. Know the reality behind the rumors and her marriage life here.

Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil McGraw Marriage Life

Robin and Phil first met through Phillip's sister Brenda. Brenda and Robin were high school friends. They met when Robin was invited to Brenda's home and was left alone to be in the home. She decided to watch TV and then for the first time they saw each other. At the very first time, the care and affection grew between the couple and eventually fell in love. They started talking on the phones and dated for around three years.

The relation turned to be much stronger and deeper so the couple finally decided to get married. The couple tied the knot on 1976, three years after his divorce with his first wife Debbie Higgins. Yes, this is true; Robin is the second wife of Dr. Phil. He was first married to Debbie Higgins in 1970 but got divorced after three years.

Let's move back to the present, Robin and Dr. Phil has been married for around 40 years. Talking about the secret behind their successful marital life, Robin claimed that her husband Phil is always there for her doing something very right. She also explains that her husband is always  working hard and real ambitious.

So, he has always been supporting her. The compatibility, supportive nature, love, affection and compromising power are the major reasons for the stable of their 40 years long marital relationship.

Robin McGraw with her husband Dr. Phil McGraw

Robin McGraw with her husband Dr. Phil McGraw

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Robin McGraw's Family

Robin McGraw's Family

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Robin McGraw looks sexy after PLASTIC SURGERY?

Robin is always so busy and taken as one of the highly successful personalities. Despite being so busy, she has always managed to maintain her youthful looks. Many people claim that plastic surgery made her look so youthful even in the old age of 62. The news regarding her plastic surgery has been on the news for a while.

When asked about the news, Robin clearly denies the fact regarding the plastic surgery. She also explains that she has never undergone any form of plastic surgery till the date. She furthermore said that her youthful looks are the result of her efforts to maintain her body through natural means.

Beautiful Robin McGraw

Beautiful Robin McGraw

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