Rob James-Collier prefers to kiss men on screen because of what his girlfriend might think

HitBerryPublished on   08 Dec, 2015Updated on   09 May, 2021

Actor Rob James-Collier prefers to kiss men on screen because of what his girlfriend might think!!


Yes, people! This British model turned actor, who is widely popular for his roles as Liam Connor in the Coronation Street and as Thomas Barrow in Downton Abbey, revealed that he is ok with kissing men rather than women on-screen. Why? Because he does not want his girlfriend to feel bad after seeing him smooch an actress on-screen. Aww! That must be the sweetest thing we have ever heard!

James Collier Dating 

James-Collier is currently dating a beautiful woman named Lauren Chandiram. The couple has a son together, aged 5, who was born in 2010. Hence, this family guy admitted that he found kissing men easier than kissing women.

James Collier Career

James-Collier is mostly popular for his portrayal of gay character Thomas Barrow, who is an under-butler at Downton Abbey and the main antagonist of the show. Being a homosexual, James-Collier’s character requires him kissing men.

Barrow had a romantic affiliation with his former lover, The Duke of Crowborough, with whom he shared a kiss. The villain Barrow also tries to blackmail The Duke with old love letters that he received from him. He also attempted to kiss Kemal Pamuk.

Thomas Barrow might be villainous, but he loves kissing men (wink). This is why he openly said that he found it easier kissing men than women while filming as there was less pressure from the actors' partners.

During one of his old interviews, the handsome hunk said:  “The way I was thinking was that if you kiss a girl you worry about one – how big her boyfriend is, two – is he in the building watching and is he going to kick the s**t out of you, and three – what is my missus going to think of it.”

James-Collier seemed to be quite a caring person who is concerned about not just what his girlfriend would say to him about kissing another actress but also worries about what the actress’s partner, whom he kissed would feel about it. The aforementioned statement that he gave during the interview proves that he is not just a great partner, but also a great human being.

His gay character has also brought to light a serious and very deep message about how homosexual people like Thomas Barrow have been struggling to come out of the closet in every era in history. His character might be antagonistic, but that does not mean that every other gay person in the world is bad.

The truth is nobody is born evil. Moreover, both homosexual and heterosexual people, men and women, children and adult, have both positive and negative traits inside them. The only way a person becomes better is by deciding to choose the positive side of him and suppressing the evil side.