Riverdale Season 2: Betty Cooper Meets Long-Lost Brother Chic

HitBerryPublished on   09 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

You might know that Riverdale is an American teen drama television based on the characters by Archie Comic premiered on January 26, 2017. And its second season premiered on October 11, 2017.

Lili Reinhart aka Betty Cooper holds a prominent position and role in the series. Riverdale's Betty Cooper has brought several surprises this week as she comes to face her long-lost brother Chic.

Riverdale Season 2: Betty Cooper Meets Long-Lost Brother Chic

If you are a regular viewer of Riverdale, then you might be familiar with the Cooper family. The Cooper Family will have to go through several problems making things more complicated. The cheerleader will meet her siblings for the very first time, no doubt the things will get more complicated.

If you remember, in the final episode of season one, Betty's mother Alice aka Madchen Amick revealed of having a secret child. She furthermore added of falling pregnant as a teen while studying in high school. She also confessed to giving up her baby for adoption so that she could finish her high school education.

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Sources claim that Hart Denton will appear in the role of Chic and the news flashed out just before a couple of days of the season two premiere.


In the coming episodes, LiLi hinted that Betty and her boyfriend, Jughead aka Cole Sprouse could break and end their relationship. So, do you think Chic could have some play in the break-up?

Chic is set to be free from prison despite running several kinds of criminal activity from his cell. And his relationship with Veronica will get more problems and Veronica will have difficulty building the trust.

Actress Camila revealed:

Hiram arrives and Veronica can't really trust him, considering she knows what he's done and he's trying, he actually is trying to step into her life again and play more of an active role as her father but at first she's very hesitant, but that changes

Riverdale season 2 will air on Netflix on October 12.