Rita Moreno raps an entire speech, says it was inspired by 'Hamilton.'

Winner of Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony Rita Moreno as among the handful of people who are able to achieve of four of America’s annual entertainment awards.

When Rita was invited to Berkley College of Music to give a commencement speech, she definitely did not leave any jaws close. In fact, her rap speech was welcome with huge applaud by the students and faculties alike proving that she still has lots of rap left in her.

The 84-year-old actress plus singer started her speech off with the monologue from the play Master Class before startling everyone with an unexpected rap which went out throughout her speech and we have to say, it was pretty amazing.

Watch the rap here, Yo, yo


“…do you have the motivation to use your creation for this generation?” she questioned everyone whether they will only hold their degree or use it to better use. Not only the speech fun but something to think about in the future.

According to Moreno, it was Hamilton who inspired her for the speech

“It’s Mr. Hamilton that brought the rhyme to mind,” she rapped. “Damn, I’ve seen that play three times. Burned in my mind. Lin caused this crime of mine, so I read him his Miranda rights. I’m speakin’ to that other Puerto Rican, so I take flight. Yo, I am history.”

There are some lame speeches that address everyone casually, and some other that are more radical than other, some that questions directly to the audience.  Moreno’s speech, however, was influential in many ways. Not only was she able to question the future of every student and also include important topic like equality.



“Will you invent the vocabulary of dissonance for love, for good, of revolution, if needed, in the institution of society, should it fail to provide the variety to include all people, races, kinds?", she rapped.

Overall, we were pleased to see Moreno lighten the mood. It was fun, exciting not to mention awesome. Her fans seem to love it as well as seen by the following responses.