Rima Horton's Marital Relationship with Alan Rickman; What happened to her after Rickman's Death?

Rima Elizabeth Horton better known just as Rima Horton is an English former Labor Party councilor on the Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council. She gave her candidacy for Parliament for twice while she lost the election both times. After the death of husband Alan Rickman, is Rima Horton again married or is dating anyone?


Rima Elizabeth Horton was in a very long time relation with actor Alan Rickman since 1977. After live-in relation for pretty long time, she got married to him secretly in 2015, but unfortunately, after a year of their marriage, they got separated after Alan's death in 2016.

Rima Horton's Sweet Love Life with Alan Rickman

It sounds pretty interesting about the love story of Rima Horton and Alan Rickman. The childhood sweethearts were romantically involved in the relation. Rima met her life partner while she was 18 and Alan was 19 in 1965 while they both were attending Chelsea College of Arts.

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The couple started dating each other after few years of their familiarity, and they started living together in London since 1977. They were one of the most celebrated and appreciated couples in the entertainment world who are really an inspiration for all of the love couples.

They were pretty loving and caring towards each other which was beyond the limit of a social barrier, and the relationship didn't even need any legal certificates or proofs. The on-screen villain was quite loving and devoted to his wife in the sense of real-life character.

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Very long time love couple Rima Horton and Alan Rickman

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Rima Horton Married Alan Rickman after 47-year Long Relation

Rima and Alan never thought about getting married in their over 45-year long love relation. However, the couple got married after spending 47-long years in a living relation. They got married in a private ceremony in New York City in 2015.

The very well-known and veteran actor Rickman revealed that he married his childhood sweetheart and long-time partner, Rima, just a few months before he died. After their marriage, Alan was asked about his newly wedded wife; the actor described her as an incredibly, unbelievably tolerant partner.

Rima Horton and her late husband Alan Rickman

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The couple despite spending quite long time with each other didn't have any child. Having a child in a relationship is important, but the couple didn't realize the need for it as they always had happy times together.

Alan Rickman's Death

The very famous Harry Potter star Alan Rickman was caught by severe pancreatic cancer. His death came after a short battle with his fatal disease. Apparently, Rickman kept it as a secret from all and kept an upbeat demeanor even weeks before his death.

The star died on January 14, 2016, while after his death, the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action said in a statement:

We were very sad to hear that one of Britain’s most popular actors, Alan Rickman, passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

After his death, the famous actress Emma Thompson revealed that she saw Alan before he died and she also tribute to her 'friend and ultimate ally'. Emma Thompson was one of those paying tribute who said later she said she had just kissed him goodbye.

After Rickman's death, the lovely love story of Rima Horton and Alan ended with a tragedy. Though they were in a relationship for a quite long time and were just married, they couldn't even celebrate the joy of married life.