Rihanna’s INCREDIBLE New York Penthouse On-sale, Cost a whopping $17million

Rihanna's incredible New York penthouse is currently on sale, and the house has four bedrooms, three full-size bathrooms and boasts incredible views of the New York skyline and the apartment is 4,660-square-feet.

Rihanna's incredible apartment Rihanna's incredible apartment, Source: The Sun

Rihanna has marked her penthouse for $ 17 million. The apartment is based in New York's Chinatown. She has been renting the apartment from French fashion photographer Antoine Verglas for $50,000 per month.

Rihanna wants to sell the penthouse because she bought a Hollywood's Hill mansion for $6.5 million which consist of 6 bedrooms, a cinema, and a swimming pool.

If you are interested in buying the apartment then here's the full description of the house.

Rihanna's incredible New York penthouse description

A Barbadian singer, Rihanna owns many properties in LA and Barbados. But she has been renting this New York apartment for the past years.

As mentioned above, the apartment consist of the beautiful space boasts four bedrooms, three full-size bathrooms, an ensuite and a wraparound terrace with stunning views of the New York skyline.

New York skyline New York skyline, Source: thesun.com

There's a key-lock elevator opens into an immense, L-shaped living, dining and entertaining space on the upper floor. The penthouse is equipped with a full chef's kitchen.

The master suite has a full size bed room The master suite has a full-size bedroom, Source: The Sun

The master suite has a full-size bedroom, and a view of New York form the bathroom.

We just hope that she will soon find a new investor for her house.