Ricky Schroder's Wife files for Divorce after 24 Years of Marriage!

HitBerryPublished on   10 Sep, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

We have come across many news about celebrities life after their failed marriages. Some of the celebrities manage to move on whereas many choose to remain single. An American actor and director Ricky Schroder's divorce shook the world back in 2016 when his wife filed for divorce against him.

Richard Bartlett Schroder, J aka Ricky Schroder is a well renowned American actor who is best known for his role in movies Lonesome Dove and crime-drama series NYPD Blue.

Ricky Schroder's Wife filed a Divorce after 24 years of Marriage

Ricky Schroder and his ex-wife Andrea Bernand, they first met in Canada while filming television movie Bood River in 1991. But who knew their future would end up in divorce; what was the reason behind it?

Ricky Schroder and  Andrea Bernand, source:  Daily Mail

The ex-couple tied the knot on September 26, 1992. By this time, Andrea was just 17 years of old.

Bernand is an interior designer and was a contestant on Top Design on Bravo. Apart from this Andrea is well recognized for appearing on  Hallmark Channel's Home and Family.

Ricky Schroder with his family, source: gettyimages

The NPD star Ricky marriage ended in 2016 as his wife filed divorce after 24 years of marriage. Schroder filed divorce against her husband citing irreconcilable differences.

The 45-year-old Andrea sought for spousal support for covering fees of attorneys, legal and physical custody of the couple's youngest child, Faith.

Right after the divorce, 47-year-old Ricky responded his wife decision by writing on a paper. You will be surprised to know Ricky didn't have a lawyer. In an interview, Ricky he said he is scribbling his wife answer to wife's divorce.

What way to reply with an old fashioned way?

Ricky also concedes that he won't support for Andrea's spousal support.

Ricky Schroder and  Andrea Bern, source: Daily Mail

Many of you might know that this pair has four kids, Holden, Luke, Cambrine, and Faith. However, after divorce, Faith is living with Andrea in Malibu, when the couple separated.

All this happened while they are just weeks ahead of their 24th wedding anniversary.

Andrea Bernand's life after divorce

Forgetting your past can be a most painful thing in your life. When it comes to ending long married life, then probably life goes up and down.

An interior designer, Andrea is looking for new changes in her life after the divorce. Right after filing it, Andrea posted pictures on her Instagram where she hinted new changes in her life.

As in 2017, Bernard recently hit the news with her television series Growing Up Supermodel. Apart from this, she has maintained a low profile life.

Going through her Instagram post, it indicates that she's single for now. However, we hope in coming days, Ricky and Andrea find their ways out of this.