Rickey Smiley wife and Children

June 24, 2016
First published on:June 24, 2016
by HitBerry

Rickey Smiley as in his name contains cheerful and delight. He has the character of making people happy through his work. Rickey has the successful career, as an actor, singer, comedian, RJ and television host as well. He is best known as his telephone prank in his radio programme and making fun of people in the show.

       Like his name Rickey Smiley in smiley face            Source:google.com

Smiley started his journey in 2000 as television host through BET’s ‘Comic View. His first show gained a lot of attention that he was signed for 5 more years by HB. He was seen in many more programme like "Uptown Comedy Club", “Comic Escape”, “The Nashville Network”, "Def Comedy Jam" and “Snaps”. It seems like he has got good luck charm on his face and his conversation style. In 2004 he got an offer from KBFB from Texas to run their radio programme in the morning. Besides, he again got the new deal in 2008 by radio one version of syndicated one.

His net worth is estimated to be near $5 million.

Even though his personal life is not defined properly, he has rumour girlfriend Claudia Jordon. But again, once he had said that he don’t like to date women from his work. Whoa! What a contradiction!

He is the father of 10 kids. OMG!! But all of them are not biological. He shared on his morning show that, out of 10 only two of them are his own and the rest of them are niece and nephew with adopted.

From this video, we can say that he has a good heart while he shared that he lost his father when he was 6 years old. Apparently, he does not want his niece and nephew to suffer from the same problem that he had gone through. Though he lost his father he explained that he had the good childhood and had the good memory of him.

Rickey Smiley with his family in 'The show 2 Premiere'                           Source:google.com

He is even active in social welfare and he has his own Rickey Smiley foundation. It is a Non-profit organisation. Its motive is to induce youngsters to live their life to full potential and to motivate the teenagers.

Bouncing back to his rumored relationship,  he has not accepted the news of having a relationship with his co-star Claudia Jordan. Rickey claimed that "I ever get married again, it’s to somebody who can hold an intelligent conversation.” Maybe he wants girls with mind and who read books a lot. Rickey still claims that he is the single father of 10 children.

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