Rick Leventhal's marriage with Penny Daniels got ugly, do they have any children?

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. But in the case of TV personality Rick Leventhal, the case is just opposite. Rick who has a successful career on the screen is having a hard time off the screen.

The 57-year-old news reporter is well known as a senior correspondent for Fox News Channel based in New York since 1997.  Talking about his love life, he is married twice and got divorced both times. So, what's the reason behind the divorce?

Rick Leventhal divorced with Penny Daniels

Leventhal was previously married to Penny Daniels who was an on-air reporter for WSVN-TV in Miami and WFLD-TV in Chicago. Before getting into the marriage this former couple dated for ages.

But sadly there, married life didn't last for long as they ended up their relationship with a divorce. They are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Veronica and Shoshan.

Rick Leventhal, source: The Daily Beast

Some of the sources have mentioned that Penny is living with her two children in Bethesda Maryland. You might be wondering Rick cares less about his daughters, but you guessed it wrong. Leventhal is often spotted in the public spending quality times with two daughters.

If we look at his Instagram, you will find him sharing pics with his beloved daughters on many occasions.

Rick Leventhal and Daughters at Bar Mitzvah, source: Pinterest

As for now Penny and Rick are just friends.

Rick Leventhal second marriage ended up in less than a year

The Fox news correspondent, shock the world when he eloped with his poker girlfriend, Beth Shak for a midnight wedding in Vegas just after four months after they first met.

Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal with professional poker player Beth Shak, source: Daily Mail

Leventhal tied the knot with the poker queen on June 9, 2016, in Las Vegas, with Robin Leach serving as a witness. It's insensible step to marry a girl after meeting her just for four months. What do you think?

Rick Leventhal and Beth Shak at their wedding in Las Vegas, source:Daily Mail

Like his previous marriage, this one didn't have a happy ending. You will be surprised to know, their marriage didn't last for a  year. The 47-year-old pro poker filed the documents citing, irreconcilable differences' as her official reason in April 2017.

Rick Leventhal and Beth Shak at their wedding, source: Daily Mail

A hectic decision in marriage can only end up in divorce similar case can be seen with the 57-year-old Rick. In an interview, Rick speaks out on his divorce saying,

'I’m heartbroken our marriage didn’t work out and I only wish her happiness,'

Rick is not the only one who was married before. His second wife Beth has been married to hedge fund marriage Daniel Shak and after the divorce, Daniel tried to sue his ex-wife.

Beth Shak and Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal at a casino, source: Daily Mail

Looks like both have a bad taste in choosing right partners. Everyone has the past and it's not easy to forget it. Rather than regretting, we must try to fix it. We hope Rick learns from his past relationship and move on.