Rick Astley is still singing at 50.

April 18, 2016
First Published On: April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

People don’t usually get back up to their work after their retirement. Singer of the widely praised song Never Gonna Give you Up, Rick Astley, however, is releasing a new single after a long time after he declared his so-called retirement in 1993.

According to Rick he wanted to give time to his family and want to properly raise his daughter like a normal father. His daughter Emilie had just born on 1992.

Having said that it’s not like he completely went out of the music business. After around a decade absence, he returned in 2002 with Keep It Turned On and his single Sleeping which ranked 56 in German Albums Chart. Similarly, he also covered various classic songs and released few more albums like Portrait (2005) in the 2000s. He also toured the globe in this decade.

He released his single "Keep Singing" his first major work after a long time from his upcoming album 50 which is also the tribute to his age. The album will release on July 27, 2016.

"It was a big milestone. I got back in the studio and friends were telling me the material I was working on was pretty good. So I decided to go for it."

We have to say, it was a pretty good song. It seems the ‘80s Rick has not lost his talent.

Here is the video for the song:


As you can see from the video and the comments, the video is surprisingly good and the viewer’s seems to have mostly positive response towards it.

Rick Astley has many fans across the world, especially from his rule of the '80s and they are very excited for the return of their super singer. His song Never Gonna Give You Up became No. 1 hit across 25 countries. We don’t have any doubt why his upcoming single won't