Richard Herring Married wife Catie Wilkins and is happily living together

September 11, 2017
First Published On: September 11, 2017
by HitBerry

A marriage isn't just a pair of rings. It's a vow to always stand by and trust your partner. It is a not those rings that last, it's a friendship that lasts forever. In the context of marriage, Richard Herring married wife Catie Wilkins back in 2012 and since then the couple is happily enjoying their married life.

Richard Keith Herring, professionally known as Richard Herring is an English comedy writer, stand-up comedian, diarist, and podcaster who is regarded as the leading hidden masters of the modern British comedy.

You might have seen the happy phase of Richard Herring, right? So today let's check whether his personal life is as successful and happy as his professional life right below. Also, get to know more about his children.

Richard Herring Married wife Catie Wilkins

You know, though Herring openly speaks up his professional life, he barely shares his personal life that includes his dating life, relationship, affairs, and married life. His millions of fans regularly follow him but he still manages to keep everything wrapped.

Sources claim that Herring and Wilkins first met at a gig in Southampton back in the year 2006. After knowing each other for around two years, the couple started officially dating in 2008. And after dating for around nearly four years, Richard Herring married Catie Wilkins on April 7, 2012. In one of the interviews with Metro, Herring revealed that his wedding day went off without a hitch.

Richard Herring and Catie Wilkins Richard Herring and Catie Wilkins    Source: gettyimages

The couple lives in West London and is enjoying their married life of over five years together. The couple has never been in the headlines for any separation or divorce issues. Back to what I was saying, the couple is happily enjoying staying together.

Speaking of Richard Herring and Catie Wilkins's children, the couple has a child together. Right after around almost three years of married life, Wilkins gave birth to their first child, a baby girl, Phoebe Herring born in Jan or Feb 2015.

Richard Herring and Catie Wilkins with their baby Richard Herring and Catie Wilkins with their baby     Source: comedy

Richard Herring's Past Affairs

While surfing around to find Herring's past affairs, we found out Julia Sawalha. She is a British actress who came into the spotlight for her role of Saffron Monsoon in "Absolutely Fabulous".

 Julia Sawalha and Richard Herring Julia Sawalha and Richard Herring   Source: mirror

As Herring always remained secretive regarding her personal life, he also did not reveal the detail information regarding his relationship with Sawalha. But sources claim that the couple was deeply and madly in love with each other.

If you talk about Catie Wilkins, there is no any of her past affairs or relationship broadcasted in the media. Moreover, there are no any records of Herrings and Wilkins extra marital affairs with the media. Why would they be involved in an extra marital affair when they are happy with each other?