Richard Chamberlain Divorced Martin Rabett: Know His Life After Divorce

Everyone gets dumped and everyone gets hurt and there's karma to love in regards to what you've done to other people. And celebrities and their divorce never fail to make headlines on the internet. The same goes out with Richard Chamberlain's divorce issues with Martin Rabett.


George Richard Chamberlain aka Richard Chamberlain, an American stage, screen actor, and singer broke up with his partner Martin Rabeet after years of marriage. So what's the reason behind it?

Richard Chamberlain Married Life With Martin Rabett

Gay star Richard, and his ex-partner Martin Rabbett tied the knot back in 1984. Some resources claimed that Richard met Martin Rabbett (an actor, writer, and producer) in 1997.

But after three decades of their marriage, gay star Richard reportedly dumped his long-term partner. 

Image result for Richard Chamberlain with Martin pic Richard Chamberlain and Martin Rabett.

The 88-year-old Richard dumped Martin back in 2010 and chose his career over his partner. Yes, you read it right. Chamberlian ended his 33 years of relationship and moved out of his Hawaiian dream home.

Richard Chamberlain, source: Andrej Koymasky

According to some sources, after the split, Richard planned to dedicate the rest of his life to acting.

You might know, Martin served as Richard's manager for more than a decade. It's surprising to know after all the connections and living together, Richard took a hard decision on his shoulder.

Richard Chamberlain And Martin Rabbett, source: Pinterest

Here is a video, of Richard talking about the ups and downs in his life

A source reported that Chamberlain moved to LA after he found a collection of roles which included a thief in a hit drama Leverage.

After this harsh decision, his fans insisted the actor will have become more lonely.

Richard Chamberlain's Life After Divorce

Forgetting your past can be the most painful thing in your life. When it comes to ending a long married life, then probably life goes up and down.

The Thorn Birds star Richard is looking for new changes in his life after a failed marriage. Richard is trying to pursue a big role in the movie industry although he suggested other gay actors not take a leading role.


Richard Chamberlain in 2017, source: Richard Chamberlain

You might be wondering about his love life in 2017. Well, he hasn't dated anyone so far. Richard might be dating, but he hasn't made it official yet.

Going through Chamberlian's Instagram, we can notice that he maintained a low-key life. Apart from his movie promotion, there are Chamberlian stays away from the limelight.

In recent years, Richard appeared in an American Mystery drama Twin Peaks for one episode.

Richard Chamberlin, source:

Age is just a number, so we hope in near future, Richard will have a healthy relationship with someone he loves. And now he is completely focusing on his professional career.

Ten Facts about Richard Chamberlain

1. Richard Chamberlain's full name is George Richard Chamberlain.
2. Richard Chamberlain was born on March 31, 1934, and is 88 years old.
3. Richard Chamberlain was born in Beverly Hills, California, United States.
4. Richard Chamberlain started his professional career in 1958.
5. Richard Chamberlain's birth sign is Aries.
6. Richard Chamberlain's father was a famous Alcoholics Anonymous speaker.
7. Richard Chamberlain's net worth is $25 million.
8. Richard Chamberlain was a track star in high school.
9. Richard Chamberlain stands 6 feet 1 inch tall.
10. Richard Chamberlain starred on Dr. Kildare in 1961.