Revealed: Why bounty hunter Leland Blaine Chapman couldn't see his father for eight years

HitBerryPublished on   15 Nov, 2016Updated on   19 May, 2021

We all know this tough guy from his famous show Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Yes, we are talking about the famous reality show star athlete Leland Blane Chapman. Many of his fans are unknown about his derailed childhood and early separation with his father.

ass Leland Blane Chapman

Reality Show Star Leland Blane Chapman


People don't know the background story of the famous reality star's childhood and his separation from his biological father. So, on today's blog, we present to you the soft story behind the life of The Hollywood's toughest bad ass Leland Blane Chapman.

Duane's Imprisonment and Leland's early childhood

Born as the second son of Duane Chapman Sr. and his first wife, La Fonda Sue Darnall  on 14-th of December in the year 1976 Chapman is the second son in the family. You may not know that this tough TV personality would have a heart touching childhood story but before he knew how his father looked like, his father was sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the federal law when he was only 7 months old.



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His mother then got married to and he was not told that Duane was his biological father until he was eight years old. He and his elder brother were finally allowed to see their father after Duane got visitation rights by the law. Until eight years of age, Leland believed his stepfather was his biological parent too.

Story behind father-son reunion

It looks like our reality star and former pro-Boxer grew up in a pretty rough environment and held Anti-social issues within himself. Leland Chapman grew up in tough streets of Pampa, Texas, and moved to Colorado Springs, in his teen years. He was into all bad side of the society while growing up!




Spoilt and angry with the society, life as a teen included ditching schools and was involved with a gang in the early age of thirteen. He was a difficult kid to handle and looking after him became totally impossible. So, his mother put him in a foster care. He was sent to a boys care home at 13. And while he was given a choice to going back to foster care or to live with his father, Leland choose Duane and started living with his father.



Before joining  CMT TV for a reality show as a bounty hunter show he used to be a pro-boxer, Kick Boxer and a professional MMA fighter but had to quit the field after he injured his left knee. And in 2013 he joined CMT and did a record-breaking show known as Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.