Reporter Sue Herera and husband Daniel Herera, married since 1984, renewing their vows for their children

September 17, 2015
First Published On: September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Following the Summer of Breakups, we have been discussing several couples who are either on the verge of divorce or breaking up with each other. Seeing these once happy and much in love pairs separating is heartbreaking and we can’t help it. But today, we are finally talking about one such couple who are planning to renew their wedding vows instead of separating.

Sue Herera and her husband Daniel Herera are one happily married duo who tied the knot several years ago. It was the year of 1984 when the long-term couple exchanged their wedding vows. After more than 30 years of their marriage, the couple hasn’t had any hint of trouble in their married life. Instead, they are thinking of reliving their wedding once more. Yes guys, rumor has it that the television reporter and her physician husband are getting married for the second time.

Sue, who is the CNBC Breaking News Anchor & "Nightly Business Report" Co-Anchor wants to renew her wedding vows with her husband for the second time, says a source.

The close source reported that the mother of three is eager to get into a wedding dress and exchange rings with her beloved other half again. But what made her come up with this plan of hers? Why does she want to marry her husband again? Worry no more for we have all the answers.

The TV anchor who has two twin daughters, Victoria and Jacqueline, adopted the girls from China, and a son named Daniel,. She decided to take the girls in when she was on a work visit to the country. There, she saw a very few girls in one of the villages, which made her sad to think that families abandoned their daughters to die. Now that the girls are growing up, our informants inform us that Sue wants to reenact their marriage just for their children.

“Sue wants to do it all over again for her children. She knows very well about the plight that her daughters went through in their home country,” said the insider.

It added: “The girls have blended with the American culture but there are so many things they need to understand. So, Sue wants to marry again so that they could learn and enjoy a part of the American lifestyle and culture.”

The source also revealed that Sue, who is also the president of the Education Foundation of Alpine, was worried that she did not have enough time left to spend with her angels because they would grow up and move on with their lives.

Sue once told “I just think your children are in your life for such a short time before they go to college and are less involved with you, so I'm trying to have as much time with them as possible.”

The gossipmongers inform that the news anchor convinced her husband to organize a wedding ceremony for their children. She had been insisting Dan for a year or two and now, it seemed like he has agreed to do what she wanted.

Sue, who is known for her show Power Lunch in CNBC, The Money Wheel, Business Tonight and several more, has already sought a helping hand from her family and relatives for the occasion. The kids are also actively participating in the wedding planning. And as per the informant, the girls will be the bridesmaids and Daniel, his father’s best man. Looks like the children are pretty excited for their parents’ wedding at this age.

Sue is planning to make her big day as grand as possible. After all, she does not have any shortage of money. She gets paid high salary for her work on CNBC, though the amount has not been disclosed by the network.