Remember when news anchor Sade Baderinwa was dating married Presidential candidate Martin O-Malley??

Do you all remember the scandal that broke out back in 2004 alleging that news anchor Sade Baderinwa was dating the currently married Presidential candidate Martin O-Malley? Many of you might still remember it today. But there are several of you who don’t know about affair. So, here is a refresher…

The news anchor at New York's WABC Channel 7, Baderinwa, aged 46, is beautiful black woman, who seems perfect in every way possible. But she does have her dark secrets, her dirty past that will haunt her for the rest of her life. 

The Eyewitness News co-anchor was said to have had an affair with Democratic Presidential candidate, O-Malley, who was then the Governor of Maryland. Though O-Malley has denied all allegations, there are several rumors that still surround both Baderinwa and O’Mally. 

In 2004, Sade nearly got killed after she was hit by a car while preparing a report on location in Hackensack, New Jersey about local flooding. The car struck her and the unidentified driver was never caught. The news host suffered serious injuries and it took her multiple surgeries and several months to fully recover from her condition. 

You must be wondering why we are talking about this hit and run accident instead of telling you about O’Malley’s extra marital affair with Sade. We all know that you all are thinking “This has got nothing to do with their affair!!’. But believe us people when we say this particular incident has got everything to do with the affair.

While everybody else took the accident as an ‘accident’, there were and are several people who believe that the accident was planned by none other than the O-Malley’s wife, Catherine. It was allegedly an attempt to stop Sade from opening her mouth about her affair with O-Malley. 

The accident almost cost Sade her life. While she was getting ready to cover the flood in Hackensack, the anonymous driver ran through police lines and hit her and drove away, never to be caught. And several took the incident as a conspiracy against Sade by Mrs. O-Malley. 

Though no reports of Sade’s affair with O-Malley are found, the former Mayor of Baltimore and his wife denied the rumors of his affair with an anonymous woman (most probably Sade) back then when the topic was hot. 

It was/is being said that the ‘white, married’ mayor allegedly left Sade pregnant and in order to save his name and maintain his façade of a faithful husband and a loving father, the news anchor was send to New York City. And it was there that Sade almost lost her life after being hit by the car. Several people still believe that the rumor about Sade and O-Malley’s affair was true and the secret would have been revealed if the former was not hit by the mysterious car. 

And it is still believed that Sade ultimately lost her baby, the only proof of her romantic, or should we say sexual, relation with O-Malley. Though there are several theories about their relationship and the accident, nobody knows the fact and we would love to know it someday.

Both Sade and O-Malley act as if nothing has happened between them, so it is hard for us to say if they were actually dating. As of now, O-Malley is running for President and this dark haired beauty is single, has no boyfriend and is looking forward to her heightening career. We can say one thing for sure, she has no intention of getting married right now. 

Her annual salary is believed to be $362,560 and her net worth is estimated to be $5 million dollars.