Remember when Actress Audrey Marie Anderson used to be dating her ex-boyfriend Shane West??

September 25, 2015
First published on:September 25, 2015
by HitBerry

There are quite a few people in Hollywood who have shared an on screen relationship as well as relationship off the screen. Some of the couples who have gone through similar situation say it makes things easier as you are pretending to be in love with the person you actually love in the real world. On the other hand, others claim that at times, if a relationship hasn’t moved to a certain extent, you have to do this totally awkward thing which has yet to happen in the real world. It can be difficult at times, but for most, it is easier.  

Audrey Marie Anderson has come across the aforementioned situation once. It was when she was dating her co-star from the TC show Once Again. Shane West and Audrey shared a rather rebellious onscreen chemistry. Off screen, they have been known to be rather moderate compared to what they had on screen. 

Audrey joined the show in the last half of the second season where Shane was already a regular. Shane and Audrey began seeing each other more often as the show moved forward and by the end of the season, the two had become an off screen couple as well as and on screen couple. Fans of the show were thrilled to hear of this and supported them in their Endeavor. 

Shane and Audrey were seen together frequently after they announced that they were now together. They began to attend functions, premiers and award ceremonies together. They were jointly awarded ‘Televisions Best Couple’ by Teen Choice award and accepted the award together. They were also seen vacationing in many parts of the world from South America to the Philippines. 

After the series came to an end, the couple were still together and were known to be grateful to the series for bringing them together. However,  a year or so after the end of the series, the once popular couple among American teenagers started to have a fallout, eventually splitting up. When asked individually about the sudden an abrupt ending of their relationship, they both stated “it was for the best for both of us”.

Other than her affair with Shane, Audrey hasn’t been linked to any other celebrity. Although, she has mentioned that she had a rather serious boyfriend while in college. Shane seems to be the last we’ve heard of Audrey being involved on a public level to any person. We do know that she hasn’t married. But while on the peak of her relationship with Shane, she was definitely ready to make him her husband.

Not having married she does not have any children and is known not to have adopted any so far. Audrey doesn’t use social networking sites very much and isn’t a regular on Twitter. Her net worth has been estimated to be at around $3 Million dollars. Audrey hasn’t had a successful career in movies like she has enjoyed in TV.  Still, she has been known to feature in a couple, some of which are Beerfest, Least among saints and Mockingbird.

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