Remember Glenn Rock from 'Eagles"?? Find out all about his family, married life and career trajectory that earned him a net worth of $70 million

HitBerryPublished on   24 Aug, 2015Updated on   27 May, 2021

Glen Frey, for all those who aren’t accustomed to his name, is the founding member of the legendary band Eagles. How many times have you come across the song hotel ‘California’ or ‘Tequila Sunrise’ on the radio? Heard somebody practicing it on the guitar? For all that Frey has done for rock and roll with the band Eagles and in his solo career, he has been induced in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – which isn’t something to be taken for granted.

When you hear about a celebrity, there is always buzz and avid curiosity as to his personal life and where he or she hails from. Frey descends from English, Irish and Scottish ethnicity and each of which have been known to produce world class musicians like U2, The Beatles.

When it comes to rock and roll, people always inquire about the artist upbringing – was it to strict? Had his folks been liberal? Were they supportive towards him? These questions, some believe, answers questions regarding many of the artist vision and idea. When it comes to Frey, he does not know much about his biological father and was basically brought up by a single mother. However, he did have a step dad and they seem to have had memorable camping trips. He had a rather cordial time with his family as a child and adored his parents.

As a teenager Frey was nicknamed Teen King for his charismatic skills to lure girls toward him. Unlike Frey, his mother Nellie was not used to being publicized by the media. But she did happen to appear on the limelight when she made a comment about him on an issue of the rolling stones magazine.

 Frey’s time with Eagles was flagged with news about him and the band in the press. With paparazzi hovering over any rock band, the Eagles sure did get more than their share of the limelight. Ironically, Frey somehow managed to get his private life away from the media and there’s very little that the world knows about Frey apart from his time in the legendary band and his solo career.

Among the very little that we know about Frey is the fact that he is a smoker who had to take a hiatus from his habit when his wife was pregnant. Likewise, thanks to Frey keeping matters strictly confidential, what we know is he has married twice with no children from his first marriage but a daughter and two sons from his latter. However, why the marriages never worked out is still unknown.

Like all great bands of the rock and roll era like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, the Eagles too split .After the highly unlikely split, Frey continued his journey as a solo artist, faring better than many who have undertaken this tremulous trajectory.

It has been a while now since any of us has come across the name Glenn Frey. The last we heard of him making news was when he came out with his long awaited album ‘After Hours ‘in 2012 which, unfortunately for eagles fans, did not have any original composition, but was rather a cover of songs from the 40’s and 60’s era.

Religious eagle’s fans do know how particular Frey is about his instruments and is known to use only Takamine guitars.

Apart from being a full-time professional musician Frey has had tried his luck as an actor. He was part of the Tom Cruise Oscar nominated movie Jerry Maguire and has even been featured as himself in the Miami vice TV show. He has other movies under his resume as well.

Glenn has even tried out teaching. He taught a special course at UCLA in song writing. It was more of a workshop. Ironically, he never had a chance to study in UCLA as he never got in. Glenn has also done commercials when his career was fresh and young. He featured in a Pepsi commercial and other many commercials for the famous Hard Rock Café.

Glenn is a rock and roll mogul and is currently worth over $70 million in net worth.