Rehab Addict's Nicole Curtis Took Divorce From Husband and Single Mom To Son Ethan .Has No more Children. Pregnancy Rumors are ALL Fake.

August 9, 2016
First published on:August 9, 2016
by HitBerry

A mother is a mother no matter what and the love of a mother is capable of healing all kinds of wounds. Be it a single mom or the mother fully equipped with the support of husband the feelings of a mother is not something that is capable of being explained in words. Nicole Curtis, who is the anchor of the home renovation show “Rehab Addict” has a similar phenomenon going on in her life.

Nicole Curtis with her son Ethan when he was born in 1997.

Nicole Curtis with her son Ethan when he was born in 1997.

Nicole with her son Ethan now.

Nicole with her son Ethan now.
Nicole who is the single mother of two sons is enjoying her life with them very much. The very popular face of DIY and HGTV Curtis has an older son named Ethan who is already in his late teens along with a fifteen-month-old baby boy too. Known for keeping her private life behind the curtains Curtis has labored very hard to raise her child in spite of being a divorcee. 

Not marrying or engaged with anyone Curtis devotes all her time to her sons who loves his mom equally. Struggling every day to give a good upbringing to Ethan, Nicole faces all kinds of odds that strike for a single lady in this patriarchal society and wins a battle every day.

Nicole Curtis and her son Ethan

A very much of a family girl Nicole has lived all her life devoting it to them. She balances her work and life perfectly. Don’t believe us? She has managed to buy the old home of her grandparents and renovated it to make it a perfect one. Additionally, the Michigan native; Curtis is also seen indulging in all the hardcore activities and doing all sorts of work on the set; because she just wants the best results. One hell of a lady she is. No remark on that at all.

Nicole Curtis's husband and her son Ethan.

Nicole Curtis's husband and her son Ethan.

Nicole Curtis and her third baby?

Have you ever thought about a woman being a surrogate mother for a dog? Well well well Nicole Curtis did a very interesting prank with all her fans speculating that she was pregnant for the third time. However, everyone forgot the very important fact that a dog and a human can’t mate. 
Nicole is definitely the prankster everyone should be aware of because Nicole Curtis is NOT pregnant. She does not have any child except Ethan and her baby son. Both of them are the only guys in her life. She gives them all the undivided attention and that is about it


Her world literally revolves around her sons whom she is super proud of. And the mutual feelings are passed on because even Ethan is super proud of his mother. No doubts, after all, you don’t get to meet an iron lady with a slight twist of humor every day. But guess what Ethan sees this shade every single day of his life.


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