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Reginae Carter is 18 now. See how she celebrated her eighteenth birthday with father and her friends

January 15, 2017
First published on:January 15, 2017
by John

When your parents are popular af, you are dragged into media naturally. And you will always be followed by the people all around regarding for what you do and where you go. Same is the case with Reginae Carter.

Reginae Carter is the daughter of American rapper Lil' Wayne and American Reality TV contestant Antonia Carter. She recently celebrated her 18th birthday and now is all over the headlines. Know more about her birthday party bash!!

Reginae Carter celebrated her 18th birthday. Know everything about her birthday bash

Before going straight to the topic, the hot news about the birthday bash is all about reuniting of Lil Wayne with her ex- wife Antonia Carter. Antonia and Lil' dated for around 6 years. The couple dated for a very long time and then finally got married in 2003.

Right after 6 months of engagement, the couple got married on 14th Feb 2004. The conflict and problems started growing thus the couple got separated on 1st Jan 2005 and got divorced on 1st Jan 2006. The couple was blessed with a baby girl named Reginae.

Ok now let's go to the topic. Lil Wayne and her ex-wife Antonia Carter just recently reunited so as to celebrate the special day of their daughter. Reginae rrecently celebrated her 18th birthday with her parents and family in the 90's themed party. Actually, the party was planned in such a way that takes back to the period when Reginae was born. It was planned to honor "The Fresh Princess". The party was held at Suite lounge in Atlanta.

Reginae Carter's birthday Gang

Reginae Carter's birthday Gang

Source: photobucket

While checking the pics of the party, every guest was wearing the customs that flashes the 90s. Reginae was spotted wearing pink which made her look more fabulous and pretty. She seems to be a perfect adult in the pictures. Have a look:

Reginae Carter with her father Lil' Wayne

Reginae Carter with her father Lil' Wayne

Source: bckonlin

Friends of Antonia (Toya), Kandi Burruss, Tiny, Rasheeda were seen mentoring the beautiful princess Reginae. Lil and Antonia were just right in the center to celebrate the special day of their daughter. Actually, both Lil and Toya has always been openly talking about the co- parenting.

Lil Wayne and Antonia Carter

Lil Wayne and Antonia Carter

Source: instagram

Furthermore, Wayne's ex- fiancés Nivea and Sarah Vivan; also R&B singer Lloyd also joined the party. It really looks like they had a hell of a time there, eh.

Nivea and Lloyd

Source: kaba35

Reginae and her boyfriend Josh

Reginae and her boyfriend Josh

Source: kaba35

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