Reena Ninan Net worth: How much she earns from her job as an anchor? See her source of money

October 18, 2016
First Published On: October 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Popular in the field of Journalism, Reena Ninan; she is paid so much money that she needs a bigger vault to store all of it. `Lol. I was just kidding; but ya know, being an anchor, she sure in the hell does earn a lotta money.

And furthermore, you will be flabbergasted if you get some answers concerning her source of money.

Reena Ninan Net Worth, Salary and her Source of Money

Reena Ninan is an American journalist and her net worth hits 7 figures. She has been active on TV since 1999 and that she has reported from almost all over the world. As indicated by glassdoor, an anchor at CBS earns about $154,000-$184,000; and to let ya know, that is the minimum amount. So; let us just put our mind to rest and think a lil bit, don’t you think she earns a lot!! You can guess she is already a millionaire. 

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Furthermore, Reena anchors CBS and CBSN Weekend News and also reports for CBS: Evening News and CBS: This Morning. So, with everything she has done so far, it has made her net worth grow too high. Plus, her husband is a journalist as well and he earns a lot too. Hence, combining both of their net worth, they are considered as one of the richest in the entire US.

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Reena Ninan's House

Reena Ninan and her husband Kevin Peraino bought a house in the Suburb of Darien soon after Nina got transferred to New York City. Spending their times most in war zones, they thought they would need a quiet place to live and free their mind from all the troubles they have been through. They believe that it is more pleasant living in the suburbs and it is also less expensive compared to houses in New York City.

Kinds of houses in the suburbs of Darien

Kinds of houses in the suburbs of Darien

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Short Bio on Reena Ninan

Born on April 30th, 1979; in Florida, United States of America, Reena first worked for Fox News Channel before her career took a right turn. She completed her B.A. from the ‘Washington University’. It is not just United States that she covered stories from, she has travelled to different parts of world to report the stories, and some of the countries include: Indonesia, India, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, many more. 

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In 2012, she began working at ABC News in the Washington Bureau. About her marital status, she is married to a guy named Kevin Peraino and he is a journalist as well. They have 2 children together named Jackson and Kate; and there aren’t any reports about their relationship issues so far. So, divorce is not an option, I guess.  

Reena and Kevins' children, Kate and Jackson

Reena and Kevins' children, Kate and Jackson

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