Reena Ninan Married to Kevin Peraino, do they have Children?

Reena Ninan, an American TV journalist as well as a correspondent for CBS News of New York city has been married to another American journalist as well as an author, Kevin Peraino. She falls under those journalists who balance their professional life and personal life equally.

Reena is not only a successful journalist but also a loving wife and a caring mother too. She keeps on posting pictures of her spending time with her husband and kids. Reena and Kevin, despite being from different ethnicity has managed to live happily together through these years.

Reena Ninan and Kevin Peraino

As I mentioned earlier, the couple comes from two different backgrounds. Reena is an Indian descent but was born and raised in Florida whereas, Kevin is an American born, Californian. Despite their differences, their career played a huge role in bringing them together. After dating for few years the couple finally decided to marry.

Reena Ninan and her husband on the wedding day Reena Ninan and her husband on the wedding day, Source: vime

It looks like the couple married on Indian style as the dress completely resembles an Indian wedding. It is obvious that life of a Journalist is always on the rush and hectic schedules. We wonder how the couple even manages time for each other and for their children. Know more about their children down below.

Reena and Kevin’s children

It seems like Reena has been successful in balance her professional and personal life. She seems to have enough time to spend with her kids as well. The couple together has two children, an older son named Jack and a younger daughter named Kate. Their kids are adorable!! She keeps on posting pictures of her children on Instagram.


Sunday morning expedition.

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Seeing sunlight for the first time in 6 months! That's a happy scream. #SeeyaWinter

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My tiny dancer is 3! Goodbye terrible 2's. Hello threenager.

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We waited all weekend to do this. #Blizzard2016

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She keeps on tweeting about her kids too. Here are some of them.














Through all these posts and pictures it is more than clear that the family is living extremely happy together. There are no any rumors heard about the couple’s divorce till date which again proves the level of happiness they have being together. Reena also seems like she encourages her kids to do stuff from a very small age.

As seen in the above post, she keeps on encouraging her children to sing. Also, one post on Twitter shows that she has already started teaching her children how to cook from a very young age.














Well, let's now hope that the family remains as happy as they are now for eternity, and the couple continue on balancing their work and personal life.