Recording artist Aesop Rock dating his ex-wife Allyson Baker once again??

Are you an admirer of hip hop artist Aesop Rock? If yes, you must remember the days back in early 2010’s when the internet was flooding with shirtless pic of Aesop Rock with his effortlessly beautiful wife Allyson Becker by his side. You would think it would be awesome to see the two back together, don’t you? Well, it seems your wish is going to be fulfilled! Rumors have it that the couple is getting back together once again!!

"We still work together and talk and see each other all the time. You know, sometimes it doesn't work out and you're not meant to be married, but you can remain great friends if your friendship is the core of what your relationship was.” Aesop Rock said in his recent interview. The friendship that rapper claims to exist between the two seems to have grown into something bigger once again.

Aesop has always helped his former wife’s band, “Dirty Ghosts”, musically. He was often considered the main person responsible for the modest success of the group. Even after the divorce, the New York born hip hop artist had made it public that he would still be helping his former wife. The musical time Aesop Rock spent with Allyson Becker seems to have worked its magic.

Aesop Rock also hasn’t had a girlfriend after his divorce. This gives a stronger standing ground to claims that the two plan on getting together.

The sources close to the rapper have said that he is spending as much time as he used to spend in the peak of their marriage with Allyson Becker. They are closer than ever with each other. There also has been dramatic increase in the sighting of the two together in public.

Aesop Rock was married to Allyson Becker from 2005 to 2011. The couple used to reside together in San Francisco. But in the later parts of the 2011, the couple discovered that they were not right for each other for the time being. But now, reliable sources that suggest the couple have sorted out their differences and plan on getting back together again.

Aesop Rock is only 39 years old. With immaculate style and an intelligent mindset, Rock unsurprisingly has millions of admirers. He is 6 ft 4 inches tall. He has a very hot body. Shirtless photo of him is searched in the internet frequently by his female and gay admirers alike.

Aesop has already released 9 albums, 8 EPs and a feature in several popular songs. He also goes on world tours regularly to keep in touch with his fans. A study came out in 2014 suggesting his rap vocabulary surpassed vocabulary of Shakespeare’s work. He was ranked in 19th position in the list of the best artist from the decade in 2010s by “betterPropaganda”. His net worth remains unknown.