Rebekah Elmaloglou expecting her second child with husband Kane Baker?

April 14, 2016
First Published On: April 14, 2016

Australian actress Rebekah Elmaloglou and husband Kane Baker might be looking forward to welcoming their second child into the family it has been rumored. Rebekah had her first child a while ago and the speculation of a second child was on the books for the couple a long time coming now.

It had been suggested that the couple were very interested in having a daughter. They as of now have a son Kai Elmaloglou who has just turned eight this year. It is also believed that Kai has been asking his parents for a younger sibling for quite a while now.

Some fans believe that Kai too like his parents would be very happy if he could welcome a younger sister into their family. The gap in terms of years between their children is going to be big but not so much so as it is impossible. The reason behind the break is believed to be the hectic schedule Rebekah and Kane were handling all this while.

Rebekah has been much occupied with her tv shows and once in a while appearing in movies. Her husband, on the other hand, has been working on his music and coming up with fantastic work every now and then. At home, Rebekah has said they work as a team.

Rebekah and her husband are also known to be very good cooks and frequently host dinner parties. Her husband Kane apart from being a musician is also an ex- chef. She and Kane first met in Byron bay and later moved to Sydney. They were living together before marriage and also conceived Kai a year earlier.

As an actress Rebekah is known for appearing in “Home and Away”, “Neighbors”, “Mad Max: Beyond Thunder dome”, “Relatives”, “Mack the Knife” and “Princess Kate”. She was also famous as a child star. Earlier in her life she traveled to Europe especially England where she also took part in theater and acted in many productions for a brief period in her early acting career.

However, her favorite work has been on her show “Neighbors” of which she has been a part of for over a decade and more. She has said the show is now an integral part of her life and at times due to its long run she feels she has led multiple lives through her characters. The show “Neighbors “has been running since 1986.

Rebekah also is a very avid twitter and is known to keep her fans updated with her day to day dealings. She can be followed on her Twitter handle @relmaloglou. Her net worth remains to be undisclosed. However, it is believed she has made most of her earnings through her shows and various other projects she has been a part of.