Real Housewife Jeana Keough's children are having children. Daughter Kara and husband Kyle pregnant

September 8, 2015
First Published On: September 8, 2015
by HitBerry

The former cast member of the reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County, Jeane Keough is about be a grandmother. Yayyy!!!!!

The news came as a complete surprise to the super mom. Her daughter Kara Keough Bosworth, who is married to an American football linebacker and special teamer, Kyle Bosworth gave all her fans the great news via Instagram.

Kara appeared alongside her mother, aged 59, on Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County and the girl who used to be a shadow of her mother seems to have grown up now. She is all set to become a mother herself and the former Real Housewife of Orange County will become the Real Grandmother of the Orange County. LOL

The pleasant news of her pregnancy has made everyone quite happy and excited. The mom- to-be is already planning several things for the baby. The daughter of Jeane, who we saw starring on her mother’s reality show for five seasons, announced that she was pregnant. She revealed her pregnancy and the sex of her unborn baby by sharing an adorable snap of a pink ballet sarong and a pink baby size Converse All Stars shoes on her Instagram with a caption: 'Needless to say, she's already so spoiled'

Kara, who married her NFL player boyfriend back in 2014, made the announcement of her pregnancy last month. She stated that she and her loving husband will be welcoming the angel face in February, 2016 which is around the time of their second wedding anniversary.

The couple met each other at the University of California, Los Angeles where they were both students. The pair tied the knot in a wedding ceremony at the bride’s mother’s house in February 2014. The marriage was a grand affair.

The over the moon reality star even posted a video on Instagram where she gave the good news to her hubby. The video saw the Dallas Cowboys in a state of delightful surprise as he sees the couple’s dog wearing T-shirts that read “Big Brother” and “Big Sister”. After that the NFL player asks his beautiful wife if she was expecting.

'Are you pregnant?' he asks walking towards her.

'No way! Really?' he says and embraces her cheerfully.

The daughter of the reality star and her son-in-law are pretty excited and they are in Cloud Nine right now. The future parents informed E!Online how everybody in their family including Jeane was very excited and eager to have a new member in the family.

'We can't wait to be parents,' they told E!.

'Grandma Jeana already has a nursery set up in her house. This is going to be one spoiled baby!'

Looks like the to-be-grandmother is more excited for her granddaughter than anybody else!

Jeane has two more children beside Kara.