Raymond Ochoa, age 14, starting to get interested in dating and girlfriends while his parents want him to wait a few years

HitBerryPublished on   16 Dec, 2015Updated on   23 May, 2021

Raymond Ochoa, aged 14, has already started showing interest in dating and girlfriends. But, his concerned parents want him to wait for a few years before getting in a relationship with anyone.

A source close to the former child artist revealed that the young actor has already began showing interest in dating girls his age. The insider said: “You won’t believe that Raymond, who is hardly come of age, is already getting interested in girls and all the dating stuff. He has been seeing a few girls his age recently and wants to be in a serious relationship. But, his parents are quite concerned about him and do not want him to stray from his study and his heightening Hollywood career.”

The source further stated: “This young man, like many boys his age, thinks that he is old enough to date now and is really into a particular girl from his school, who he sees every two weeks when he visits school to show his work and study progress.”

‘The Good Dinosaur” star is doing his schooling through an independent study program where the young man is allowed to do all his work at home and meets his teacher at school to show his work every two weeks.

So, according to the informant, Raymond has fallen for this particular girl from his school, whom he hardly gets to see. And he wants to hook up with her. But his parents, who are quite worried about him, don’t want him engaged in stuff like dating and romance at such a tender age.

“Raymond’s parents feel that their son is doing great as an actor and a voice actor and they feel that he has a bright future in Hollywood. They think that their son is too young to understand anything about love and dating. They want him to focus on his study and career right now instead of on girls and affairs,” revealed the gossip monger.

The reliable source also spilled that the reason behind Raymond’s desire to have a girlfriend is his older brother Ryan. Ryan, who is 19, started dating quite early. He dated Sammi Hanratty before 2009.

“His brother has been the biggest influence on him. Ryan has dated several girls in his past and we all know how early he started making girlfriends. This has greatly influenced his younger brother. Raymond has almost stopped listening to his parents, who are only looking out for him,” said the insider.

 “He has turned into quite a handsome guy now, but he is not old enough to hang out with girls. And he is not ready to understand this fact. However, his father and mother are trying their best to convince him to wait until he turns 16.”

The ‘10 Items or Less’ star really seems desperate to have a girlfriend and the young girls, who are his fans, want to hook up with him.

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