Rapper MF Doom having a hard time dating or getting a girlfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   04 Dec, 2015Updated on   23 May, 2021

Dating comes easy after you become rich and famous, right? Well, if you thought being rich and famous guarantees you girls, you couldn’t be more wrong! Take rapper MF Doom for example. He is rich and he is successful, but his love life is worse than you’d imagine. Reports suggest he has a very hard time finding a date.

 “MF DOOM character is really a combination of all villains throughout time : The classic villain with the mask—Phantom of the Opera-style. Of course there's a little twist of Dr. Doom in there, even a little Destro from GI Joe”, The actor said when asked to describe his onstage character in recent interviews with The Wire.

The rapper always wears a metal mask around his face when he is on the stage. His stage name MF Doom is an acronym for Metal Face doom. His lyrics often depict violence, hate and anger. But the recent reports have claimed that the rapper doesn’t leave all his anger and violence in the stage. Instead, he carries it with him off the stage too.

People close to the rapper suggest that he is an extremely unpleasant person to work with. On the condition that we don’t reveal his name, one of his acquaintances even said, “He thinks he is the best rapper to ever exist. While in reality, he as well as we know, it’s far from the truth.”

Do you want even more proof that the rapper is not a very pleasing person? You could check his Twitter handle @MFdoom, which is how he is supposed to interact with his fans. How many tweets do you think he has? Well, you guessed that wrong!! He has only one tweet – no photos, no videos, no nothing only one tweet.

The ego certainly seems to have gotten the better of the rapper in his personal life. If the rumors that the rapper is an extremely unpleasant person to work with are true, it is quite possible that the rapper is going to have a hard time finding a girlfriend. Let alone the possibility of getting married someday!

Even though there are rumors about the rapper’s behavior off stage, there is no question about his on stage persona.  With strong words and upbeat rhymes, the British rapper is an icon the young kids in college look up to. He is considered one of the few ‘gangsta rapper’ left in the industry today. His fans claim his songs capture human emotion beautifully. His world tour is among one of the most followed one.

However his character maybe, the rapper is considered very appealing physically. He has a well built body and a good looking face. His shirtless photos definitely catch attention from his female fans and gay followers alike.

His net worth remains undisclosed.