Rapper Ja Rule Married Aisha Atkins, Know about his married life and children

The real name of Ja rule is Jeffrey Atkins who is an Ameican singer, rapper, actor, and singer. Ja Rule first debuted in 1999 and made several hits throughout the journey. Ja Rule married Aisha Atkins on 3rd April 2001.

Observing the videos of Ja Rule with Jennifer Lopez and Ashanti, the music video seems to be the soundtrack of 'Adolescence'. But the rapper is completely a family man than you ever thought. I bet everyone would love to know the marriage life of rapper Ja Rule and his children. Have a read below:

Ja Rule and Aisha Atkins marriage life

Ja Rule and Aisha Atkins have been married for around 15 years. The couple is taken as the most stable couple in the industry. It is very hard for a couple to maintain a relationship for such longer period. While the couple was interviewed about the secret of their marriage life, Ja Rule explained that the bond of friendship made the relationship so true and stable.

Aisha Murray Atkins and Jeffrey Atkins first met at high school. Aisha was only 14 years old when she met Ja Rule. The couple soon fell in love with each other and got married on April 3rd, 2001. The couple got married only after giving birth to their first child Brittany in 1995.

Aisha openly interviews that she lost her virginity to Ja Rule. Though the marriage life of the couple came through a lot of ups and downs, the couple seems to be happily involved with each other.

Also rumors of cheating and Ja Rule as gay were all over the news; thus, media spoke about their divorce. A lot of news was rumored about their split or divorce but the couple overcame the issues and solved their problems. There are no signs of divorce in the nearby future.

Ja Rule with his wife Aisha Atkins

Ja Rule with his wife Aisha Atkins

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Ja Rule and Aisha Atkins Children

The couple is blessed with three children (two sons and one daughter). Aisha Atkins gave birth to his first child in 1995 and the baby girl is known as Brittany. After around five years of giving birth, the couple married. Again, after around 4 years of their marriage, Aisha again gave birth to baby boy in 2004. The couple named the baby boy Jeffrey Jr Atkins. Again after 1 year, Aisha gave birth to another baby boy Jordan Atkins in 2005. Now, the children have grown up.

Ja Rule with his wife and children

Ja Rule with his wife and children

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