Rapper Fat Joe's unreleased songs from previous music album now available

August 18, 2015
First Published On: August 18, 2015
by HitBerry

Life has been easier for rapper Fat Joe. Last year’s lawsuit against him filed by deceased rapper Big Pun’s widow, Liza Rios, his feud with rapper 50 Cent and his involvement in various assault and legal issues have not stopped following him in his rap music career. But after years, it seems like a few things in his life are changing. His previously unreleased track from his previous album has surfaced recently and it seems to be winning everyone’s hearts.

The American rapper was away from the mainstream music making for a while. But now, the CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment is all set to take the rap music industry by fire as his previously unreleased song “Plenty Niggazzz” has streamed online.  The undisputed master of reinvention has garnered rave reviews for his latest single which also features the rapper, singer and record producer T.I.

Big Joe, who successfully shed 88 pounds from his heavy body of 350 pounds, has previously produced worldwide hit songs and released a total of ten music albums till date. His crossover hits like “New York” featuring Ja Rule and Jadakiss and “Lean Back” along with Terror Squad has proved that he is one of the most prominent hip-hop artist of all time. Fat Joe, who belongs to Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, has won numerous awards and has also been nominated for Grammy as well.

And now, he is back with a bang and there’s no way to stop him. The ‘What’s a Luv” hit maker, who was away from the music industry, is in better health now. His single “Plenty Nigazzz,” is all set to break the legendary rapper’s record. He, along with T.I., have made a potential hit with this song. The beat of the song takes us back to the time of old days of when he gave hits after hits. The track is a previously unreleased song which comes courtesy of New York City Hip-Hop mainstay DJ Absolut, and his new weekly series.

The release of this new track is sure to bring relief to his extremely controversial life. The Latino rapper has had enough share of trouble. As we mentioned before, the wife of late Big Pun filed a lawsuit against Fat Joe asking for more than a million a dollar. Pun’s wife Liza Rios stated in the lawsuit that she and Fat Joe had a deal to split money made by Big Pun after the rapper’s death in 2000 and the widow of the dead rapper claimed that she didn’t get a single penny since 2005.

Rios said that Big Pun who had worked hard for the Terror Squad and helped bring it to the state it is now.  Hence she deserved the money as she was his widow and had his children.

Besides the trouble of the lawsuit, the famous rapper is known for his feud with the world class rapper 50 Cent. In 2005, Fat Joe released his sixth album All or Nothing and even released a diss song aimed at 50 Cent who had formerly dissed Joe for recording with Ja Rule. And as an answer, 50 Cent attacked Fat Joe in his song "Piggy Bank" the same year.

Fat Joe lives with his wife and three children in Miami. Despite all the problems and challenges, the rapper is doing great and has number of hit songs on his name. He has a net worth of $5 million. Joe, aged 45, is active on Twitter and Instagram and he recently posted a picture of his sneakers with a torn sole.