Rapper El P and girlfriend Emily Panic getting married!!?

HitBerryPublished on   04 Dec, 2015Updated on   10 May, 2021

Rapper EL P, whose original name is Jaime Meline, has recently expressed his intentions of marrying his present girlfriend Emily Panic. However, sources close to the two have said the marriage won’t be on the cards till early 2017.

They do intend to get engaged thought in early 2016 and have recently been planning an extravagant affair with friends and family. Jamie’s soon to be wife Emily hails from his neighborhood in Brooklyn New York and Jamie has said he used to have a crush on her when he was young.

Like Jamie, Emily is also an artist and is a member of the popular psychedelic soul band, Phenomenal Handicap Band. She has also inspired Jamie on a number of his songs and Jamie’s has indicated the inspiration for his most famous single, “The Full Retard“ came through Emily’s psychedelic ideas.

Jamie first shared his thoughts on marrying Emily with a Twitter post which reads” A prime example of why I will marry my girlfriend one day“. The linked to an Instagram post – a doodle picture which symbolized a cute thought full heart that many might consider to be funny and charming.

He and Emily have been dating for a while now and they both inspire and support each other in their respective style of music, although they both work in two completely different genres. They also have shared their views on collaborating to make a music together, especially for the uniqueness of it.

Jamie is also considered the pioneer of alternative Hip- hop and his songs have more than 14 million hits on YouTube. He has collaborated with several artists from different genres over the years. Some genres that he infused hip hop with are jazz, alternative rock and instrumental.

Jamie has also reached out to various countries to promote his new style of music and has been known to tour several European countries. His style of music has been gaining popularity in Canada and recently he announced his plans on collaborating with a popular Canadian band.

Recently, Jamie has also been considering making instrumental and ambience music and has been working on an album which is set to release early next year. For the upcoming album, he has said he has taken guidance form the most prominent people in the ambience music genre like Brain Eno, who is considered by many to be the father of ambience music.

Jamie is also a popular figure on social media and reaches out to his fans and well wishers through Twitter. He can be followed @therealelp. On Instagram he can be followed under the username therealelp. Jamie has over 300K followers in total on all social networking platforms.

Jamie has a total net worth of over $3 Million Dollars.