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Rajinikant's Kabali Releasing Today - Chennai and Banglore Declares Holiday to Celebrate Kabali

July 21, 2016
First published on:July 21, 2016
by John

Celebrations and galore for any festivity are what South Asia is utterly famous for. Not just that observing the occasion with a lot of hype to embark good vibes around is definitely India. Be it a festival of Ganapati or celebrating 100 years of Cinema or meeting their favorite superstar; it happens only in India. Now the latest trend to join this venture is getting a holiday because why not? Afterall Kabali has released.

Movie poster of Kabali with Rajnikath on it.

Movie poster of Kabali with Rajnikanth on it.

In a state of a conundrum, I suppose. Well, don’t be because July 22 marks the release of the very, very awaited movies of the South Indian Cinema's Demi-God; Rajnikanth’s Kabali.(Just so you know the special screening in the United States of America was given a maximum positive response.) And the excitement is not stopping all over the world. Then how can India stay behind? The Indian offices all over Bangalore and Chennai are given a public holiday because Kabali is releasing or more so just to celebrate the release of Kabali.

Kabali movie which is speculated to be made around a budget of 100 crores is getting all of it’s money on that one day only. My opinion with the soaring hopes of people around this is going to be the movie of the seasons. People are just too excited about the movie and not just that it has managed to bind all the people together in singing their Rajinikanth anthem one more time.This obviously is not the first time Rajinikanth's movie was declared such a hit without releasing but no doubts it is going to hit the crores mark because why not? It’s the Rajinikanth brand.

Rajnikanth's Kabali celebrated in Srilanka too.

But hold on it is not just in India that the craze has taken over. A company in Srilanka has also declared holiday just to celebrate Kabali. Quite a hype it is.

Rajinikanth's movie and popularity, net worth and personal life

His previous movies have all had the Midas touch of his because even an association of his name is enough to get a worldwide fame.Remember Ra.One and Chennai Express. Coming to his mainstream roles-Linga, Chandramukhi, Kochadaiyan- actually all of it has done a fantastic performance in the box office and critically acclaimed too.

Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Bachhan in the movie Robot.

Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Bachchan in the movie Robot.

Rajnikanth in the movie Sivaji- the Boss.

Rajnikanth in the movie Sivaji- the Boss.

Serious envy at this man here. But having a second thought on it; this popularity of being worshiped like a God is very much hard earned. In his initial days Rajinikanth was a bus conductor and a stardom like this today is truly all his dedication and never dying spirit. After all, a net worth of $50 million is seriously no joke.Just look at his house

Rajinikanth now resides in Chennai with his wife Latha Rangachi whom he married on 26th February 1981. The couple has two daughter- Aishwarya and Soundarya both of whom are married already.

Rajnikanth with his wife Latha and daughter Aishwarya and Soundharya.

Rajnikanth with his wife Latha and daughter Aishwarya and Soundharya.

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