Radha Mitchell likes to keep her life private.

HitBerryPublished on   14 Apr, 2016Updated on   12 May, 2021

The 42-year-old Australian actress, Radha Mitchell appears acutely uncomfortable giving away of herself in anything other than a professional sense. She is reserved person, but underneath she is very genuinely warm and quite a spiritual person. Radha was born to a model-turned-fashion-designer mother and filmmaker father. Her parents divorced when she was young. She was named Radha after the Hindu goddess Radha who is an eternal companion and true love of Lord Krishna. Radha Mitchell says, Hindu religion has made a greater impact in her life. She is a vegetarian and practices yoga.

Radha Mitchell first appeared in Neighbours (1985), followed by other Australian TV series and movies. Although her debut movie, Love and Other Catastrophes gained popularity in Australia, she gained international recognition after she started appearing in Hollywood movies.

Her 1997 movies High Art and Everything Put Together brought her to a wider audience; she received Independent Spirit Awards for both the movies. After her award winning movies Mitchell did a lot of movies, some of the fan favorites are Pitch Black opposite to Vin Diesel, Phone Booth Opposite Collin Farrell and Men On Fire opposite Denzel Washington.

  Academy Award-winning Finding Neverland gave Mitchell recognition on a whole new level. Her performance in the film opposite to Johnny Depp was commended by all. The actress received the prestigious Academy award for Best Supporting Actress for her role.

Woody Allen called her cellular phone personally to offer her the title role in Milenda and Milenda (2004). Radha was convinced that it was a prank until the script was delivered to her.  After Melinda and Melinda, she was seen in Mozart and the Whale, Silent Hill, Henery Poole Is Here, Rouge, Children Of Huang Shi etc.

 Mitchel uses social media and shares stuff, but her personal information is always undercover. "I re-tweet stuff I find of interest," she says. "Even my Facebook stuff is under a pseudonym. Super-personal stuff I rarely post, not even on my own personal page. I can't be bothered. Also I don't want everyone – even people I know – to know what I'm up to.”

It's not known whether she's married, single, even whether she has a pet. She really knows how to keep your information for yourself.

How much ever you try to conceal, information has no boundaries. Yes, we know who Radha Mitchell’s boyfriend was. She was allegedly dating actor Martin Henderson in 2006 and the relationship went on for quite a while.

Radha Mitchell has never been divorced or married, but looking at her close friends tweeting about her we know something is cooking. There were rumors about her marriage going on, but the rumors never told anything about the husband to be. Any information on news accusing her of being a lesbian is not true. Her net worth is not known but is alleged to be around $4 million.