Rachel Ray and Husband John Cusimano Divorce rumors. What's Happening?

March 6, 2018
First published on:June 21, 2016
by HitBerry

If you want to impress your husband, then you should know how to cook. Yes, it is said that delicious food is the way to man's heart and this beautiful and millionaire chef Rachel Ray might use this trick to save her marriage with husband John Cusimano.


The Celebrity chef and host of a talk show, Rachel Ray is amazed about the rumor about her husband being seen at Checkmate club customarily. 

Rachel Ray married?

Rachel married to her entertainment lawyer John Cusimano on 24th September 2005, in Italy, who is also in the band called The Cringe. He is the lead singer of the band which is based in New York. 

Rachel Ray Divorce

Furthermore, with all these facts, it could be easily inferred that they are not getting a divorce anytime soon. If you have heard any such rumors, well, give it a break! They are definitely not.

One interesting fact worth sharing, when the couple gets into an argument, Rachel simply makes food for them and they spend the whole day together. Well, kinda weird but kinda sweet, though. 

Her husband John loves spending his holiday eating food cooked by his beloved wife and reading new books written by Rachel. They have been married for 12 years now and they are still rocking. 

To be clear, music and recipes are just as instrumental as their affection for each other in their blissful marriage. Now, this is what we call marriage goals, wouldn't you agree?

 Well-known couple Rachel Ray and John Cusimano married in Italy in 2005      

Rachel Ray Career

Rachel is well known for her work as an author, she has written more than 54 books, and out of them, 13 is known as the bestsellers. Not only that, she also has won awards for that. 

With her career and married life flowing side by side, we must say she does pretty well with both of that thing, I guess.


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