Rachel Bonnetta is now on FOX co-hosting [email protected] Buzzer

June 27, 2016
First Published On: June 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Sad new for fans of MLSsoccer.com. Canadian sports journalist Rachel Bonnetta has chosen FOX over ESPN for her employment history. This 25-year-old bombshell who was previously the face of MLSsoccer.com made a decision that was truly unexpected.

Rachel, who is also famous for her own YouTube channel has joined Fox Sports as a co-host in its online media Soccer @TheBuzzer.

We all got to experience Rachel’s talents in MLS and she was in fact so good that both ESPN and Fox tried to hire her. However, it seems she only had an eye for Fox.  We don’t blame her, though; the Fox Sports is up and happening.

A soccer fan to the core Rachel often posts a picture of her on her Instagram and on her Twitter about how much she loves soccer. 

The beautiful Rachel is the talk of the show. Together with her hot figure and her looks she is definitely the hottest sports babe FOX has to offer. Similarly, she has a sexy figure and even sexiest accent to go along with.

Don’t just go for her looks, though, she is remarkable at what she does. She definitely knows how to present herself in front of the camera and she definitely looks chic doing so. Not to mention she is tad funny as well.

Talking about her love life, she has posted a tweet back in 2014 about moving together with her boyfriend.

In the picture, we can see Rachel holding a Yu Gi Oh! The card that is supposedly her boyfriends’. We don’t know for sure if they have broken up or not. Well, she has moved back and forth to MLS and to Fox, what are chances that her boyfriend has followed her? Are they in a long distance relationship? Well, as far as we can see from her Twitter feed there aren’t much about her partner, just Rachel, and her feet.

Although there are not much rumors or news regarding her partner, she might just be keeping a low profile, you know! Keeping her personal life from her professional one. One thing for sure, she has not been married or divorced yet… we think!

She must have had some boyfriends in her high school or colleges, no doubt. Not hard to figure out that boys are totally head over heels for her. Although her current relationship status is still under a lot of assumptions we think she is currently single and somewhat ready to mingle.