Procedures to Promote your Website or tools to get traffic on your webpage

HitBerryPublished on   01 Apr, 2016Updated on   26 May, 2021

Many people know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key points to enhance traffic to their website. Also, some people might have a feeling that SEO is the only tool to increase visitors to webpage, however, which is not the case all the time and there might be another medium to enhance traffic in a wepage.

Sometimes the primary source of traffic to your webpage can be other than SEO. So you need to be concerned about the sources that are getting traffic to your webpage. You should diversify yourself by not relying only on SEO.

Why we need more traffic on our website?

If you start any business mostly if it is related to online, traffic to your webpage is the lifeblood to enhance the network of your business market. Therefore, to enlarge your business in a short time you need to be focused on different strategies to bring regular and new visitors to your website.

             Mediums to get traffic on webpage

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Search Engine Optimization

While you begin to work on webpage content, you should gather the SEO tools, which will assist your page to rank higher. Remember to use of short keyword instead of long-tailed keywords, Google keyword tool planner might assist you to search keywords.

While choosing keywords it should be considered that it has high search frequency. The selected keywords must have a quality title, heading, contents, and Meta description. It is better to add images, but it should include the keyword in the title of the picture and it should not effect on loading.

Search Engine Listing

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your webpage is by the use of search engines. It is always better to submit new content to the search engine directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Popular search engines provide free services and it can be acquired with smaller directories also. This is one of the key functions to be considered to promote your page.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has already given a huge change in online marketing. Creating a profile in social Medias will help to create relation and the connection with clients, which is often is the easiest way to promote your webpage and to get instant results.

The business profile with social media is best to advertise and brand your page. Consider of social medias provide unique ideas to connect with customers and to gain more attention from new clients. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has already become very popular to advertise your business and to promote a webpage.

Reciprocal (Corresponding) Linking

Providing link of the related website helps to get attention from the search engine.  If you are seeking to promote, website possibilities include; forum posting, link exchange, guest blogging, and news articles.

It should be considered that the page should not provide too many links for a low-ranking webpage, search engines desire to rank your website higher if it is connected with high-ranking pages.

It must be considered that the provided links are user-friendly. In SEO world inbound links are essential parts to get the higher rank. And web promoters must be careful about the way they create them.

Providing too many links at once do not consider good by search engines, and it has chances to be banned. Stable and secure linking is the best way to promote your website.

Signature Branding

Profile of your brand is how visitors will analyze your company. It is good to spend some time on branding your company, i.e. the easiest way to enhance visitors on your webpage.

Creating the signature for an email account, forums and text messages lead your profile at higher ranking and to recognize your brand as well. If you select to add URL to text messaging and different mobile advertising options, your website must be mobile-friendly.

Quality Content

Out of all the ideas to promote website online, providing the best content to the users are essential. So always be conscious about the quality that you are generating. You need to focus on the requirement of the users. Maintaining quality of the content play a vital role to promote and to rank high.

It is best to write your own content instead of copying from someone else. And that it what visitors look for, if it a different blog or the required one or not.

Google Local Business

Submit your site to Google Local Business, to get attention from local business. Google allow every business to register their information for free and also provides the mechanisms to promote a website. You are allowed to add mobile ads, submit pictures, and to include promotional offers.

The best part of Google Local Business is the way it displays the information, it even provides the directions for your location which will allow clients to call directly from their mobile device.