Pro-Surfer Maude Le Car in Sexy Black Dress and Heels to Ride Waves, Know her Career, Net Worth

HitBerryPublished on   26 Feb, 2017Updated on   27 May, 2021

Maud Le Car is a well-known professional surfer and model from France. The 25-year-old French pro-surfer is currently ranked 23rd in the QS while in 2015, she was ranked 15 in the world. She is the champion of the World Surf League held in California and Israel in 2016.

Maud Le surprised the whole world in 2015, by wearing high heels while surfing. It is quite difficult for us to wear a heel without limping and hobbling while it is out of our imagination to surf with high heels on. So, it will be pretty interesting to look forward how she did it, won't it?

Maude Le Car Wore Sexy Black Dress and Heels to Surf

In September 2015, the 25-year female pro surfer took the sport to the next level by wearing a little black dress and heels while shredding waves. The pro-surfer showed nothing is impossible if you are determined and passionate to do it.

Maud Le Car surfing on heels

Maud Le Car surfing on heels

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After she completed her surfing, she shared her impressive video in a lacy evening dress and strappy shoes on her surfboard through her Facebook page. She has over 50 thousand fans following on her page who remained stunned after watching her dare work.

She was, however, not the first person to mingle the surfing and heels. Prior to her, a group of Russian surfers competed in Bali in 2013, but she still attracted a huge attention as if she was doing it for the very first time.

The scenario behind her surfing sounds pretty interesting as she was challenged to surf in heels and a cocktail dress after she lost a bet with her friends. However, the supermodel superbly nailed the penalty as she performed as in an animation.

Know Little More about Her Career and Net Worth

A gorgeous model and pro surfer Maud Le is just of 25. She is running her career in surfing and modeling. During her very short career in surfing, she garnered good fans following as well as she also drew attention from all over the world.

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In her short career, she managed to attain the 15th rank in the world while she is currently ranked 23rd. Her greatest achievement in surfing is the title of two events of World Surf League held in California, America and in Israel in 2016.

Famous French Pro-surfer Maud Le Car

Famous French Pro-surfer Maud Le Car


It is pretty sure that the famous and talented surfer and model earns a lot of money along with the popularity from her occupation. She is believed to have a net worth count in dollars, however, it is difficult to predict her actual net worth and earnings.