Prison Break's Sarah Wayne Callies and husband Josh Winterhalt still married or what? What about their kids

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Sarah Anne Wayne is a popular American actress famous for the role of Sara Tancredi Inc in Prison Break from 2005 to 2009. Then she appeared in the role of Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead in the year 2010 which was a horror/drama series and said to be the biggest role of Sarah. Leaving professional career aside, Sarah Wayne Callies married husband Josh Winterhalt and is living a blissful married life.


Then the lead role of Katie Bowman in USA Network's Colony project is another work she is known for. It was when she returned to television after several films. Sarah and her husband Josh Winterhalt are married for a decade and have never been on any issues related to divorce or argument. Check out the detail information below:   

Sarah Wayne Callies married life with husband Josh Winterhalt

Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Winterhalt had met before Sarah began her acting profession. They first dated for a particular time before deciding to get married. The couple first met at Dartmouth College.

After dating a certain time Sarah Wayne married Josh Winterhalt. The couple got married on 21st July 2002.

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Sarah Wayne and Josh WinterhaltSarah Wayne and Josh Winterhalt

Sarah Wayne being a popular professional actor and Josh Winterhalt being a martial arts teacher both are busy in their life. Despite being busy in their respective professional career, they still manage to spend quality time together.

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Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Winterhalt's Children

Sarah Wayne and Josh Winterhalt are the parents of two children. They got the happiness of being parents and welcomed their first child on 20th July 2007. Sarah gave birth to their first child Keala Winterhalt, a baby girl.

Then after seven years Sarah again gave birth to another child who was a baby boy. Being a family of four, these people are happy and content in their life.

Sarah Wayne and Josh WinterhaltSarah Wayne and Josh Winterhalt

Even after many years of marriage, there is no any news of this couple getting divorced or even having arguments. Both Sarah Wayne and Josh Winterhalt seem to have deep mutual understanding and love which is the greatest assets of any married life.

It isn’t easy when it comes to having a successful married life. It needs a lot of sacrifices and forgiveness to make your marital life a happy one. When one cannot give their full percentage, then the other has to fill the gap, and that’s when love can sustain.

Like Sarah Wayne Callies and her husband, Josh Winterhalt is together with each other in every step of their life. And they are happy together for fifteen years.

Sarah Wayne Callies's husband Josh Winterhalt

We don’t think Sarah Wayne Callies needs any introduction, but she did not disclose anything about her husband, Josh Winterhalt.

Josh Winterhalt Josh Winterhalt

Josh Winterhalt is a martial arts teacher. He is active in this field for a long time and teaching in various institutions. Josh Winterhalt is very much skilled martial arts and teaches in many institutions.

As Sarah, Josh is also equally good looking. Even though Josh is mostly known for being the husband of Sarah, he is very much skilled in martial arts.

Ten Facts about Sarah Wayne Callies

1. Sarah Wayne Callies was born on June 1, 1977, and is 41 years old.
2. Sarah Wayne Callies was born in La Grange, Illinois, United States.
3. Sarah Wayne Callies started her professional acting career in 2003.
4. Sarah Wayne Callies's net worth is around $3 million.
5. Sarah Wayne Callies married husband Josh Winterhalt in 2002.
6. Sarah Wayne Callies is the mother of two children; a girl and a boy.
7. Sarah Wayne Callies is 5 feet 9 inches tall.
8. Sarah Wayne Callies's birth sign is Gemini.
9. Sarah Wayne Callies's eye color is brown.
10. Sarah Wayne Callies weighs around 60 kg.