Princess Charlotte, the New Royal Trendsetter!

HitBerryPublished on   25 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

It's no surprise that the Royal family is continuously watched by many people for several reasons. Above all, the members of the Royal family are followed for one big reason; their stylish attire. Princess Diana was the most iconic one, followed by Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and now all eyes are on Prince George.

But now there's a new one joining the list. Guess who? Think for some time... Okay, no more waiting. Princess Charlotte is the new Royal celebrity, people. Can you believe this? Well, it is according to some recent report.

Princess Charlotte, the New Royal Trendsetter

Princess Charlotte is just a toddler, born two years ago to Prince William and Kate Middleton. She has already become a fashion icon, already more popular than her mother, Kate Middleton. The world has changed. Now parents want their toddler to dress up like a fashionista. Vice president of eBay trading, Murray Lambell says,

But it’s the youngest generation of royals who really generate the must-have fashion items—and driving a new generation of shopping behavior on eBay.

No doubt the Royals are already popular with the British, but people of other countries are also following. The cute Princess recently had her second birthday celebrated in which she was wearing a Yellow Cardigan.

And the day the pictures of her wearing yellow cardigan were on the Internet, people searched for the Yellow Cardigan on eBay ten times more as compared to the regular searches. Charlotte has the fashion power.

Princess Charlotte Princess Charlotte

Search for the Yello Cardigan surprisingly continued for the rest of the month, three searches every hour to be exact, according to eBay reports. However, Princess Charlotte is still yet to top her big brother regarding buying power, and she will work for sure.

Last year Prince George was seen wearing a Pepa & Co blue jumper for the royal tour of Canada. Pepa & Co, by the way, is Duchess Kate's favorite brand.

Prince George in Pepa and Company blue sweater and winter shorts Prince George in Pepa and Company blue sweater and winter shorts                                Source:

At the time, people started searching for the 'blue jumper' making a 200 percent increase in searches. But George's little sister's Yellow Cardigan was the most searched for the royal outfit for the rest of the year.

A spokesperson for eBay told,

Her yellow cardigan worn in her birthday picture sparked the biggest percentage increase in searches for an item of clothing worn by any royal.

The sales almost made a new record again for the second time, courtesy of the British Princess Charlotte. In July, Charlotte was dressed up in a Liberty print smock dress for the royal tour of Germany. This time the search increased by six times on eBay.

Princess Charlotte wearing Liberty print smock dress Princess Charlotte wearing Liberty print smock dress Source:

Who's the Winner?

So who is the ultimate trendsetter? The winner is Prince George. Nearly 1500 'Prince George' related items were sold on eBay while only 500 'Princess Charlotte' related items in the last three months. Soon she will catch up with her brother, no doubt in that.

But the ultimate star, after all, is their mother, Kate Middleton, who dresses them up for any occasion even though her children are said to have become the trendsetter.