Presidential Candidate and Book Author Mike Huckabee criticized Obama for Middle East policy, Huckabee is also against Gay Marriage

July 20, 2015
First Published On: July 20, 2015
by HitBerry

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee thinks the Obama administration had adopted a “Hakuna Matata” foreign policy. Talking to The Daily Caller, Huckabee said that Obama’s policies towards the Middle East was a “Hakuna Matata” policy. The term, which is originally a Swahili phrase was popularized by the film Lion King.  Huckabee said via phone, “The whole idea of ‘Hakuna Matata’ is a careless, no worries lifestyle that’s free from any responsibility,”

The 59 year old author, who has co-written several books, one of which was a New York time bestseller, continued, “Many, many disasters of this administration just continue to pile up, culminating in the Iran disaster. Whether it’s calling ISIS a JV team or saying that Yemen was a model for counter-terrorism.”

Huckabee also said that he went through “all 159 pages” of the Iranian deal and that the administration “surrendered everything.”

According to Huckabee, the Obama administration is “rewarding a country that has never kept a deal, that has murdered and kidnapped Americans and financed terrorism all over the world.”

Huckabee, who formerly hosted his own talk show, also said that it would have been clever to ask for the release of American prisoners in Iran in the deal.

He said, “That should have been the good-faith opening ante to come to the table to even begin with.”

“To me, it’s a failure of colossal proportions.”

When asked how he would’ve handled the situation, the politician said, “We would then disrupt the power of the three most troublesome nations that right now have a big role in the Middle East: Russia, the Saudis, and the Iranians.”

 “If we became the exporter of energy to Africa and Asia, instead of allowing Russia, Iran and the Saudis to do it, we’d then change the balance of power, making it more difficult for Putin to fund his efforts into Crimea and God knows where else,” he said.

“We’d certainly make it more difficult for the Iranians to have the funds to continue their nuclear program, much less continue to fund terrorist activities. And we’d also make it more difficult for the Saudis to keep funding madrassas that train terrorists to fly airplanes into our buildings.”

Huckabbe, who is a republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election is known for his religious involvements. He has openly been against gay marriage, divorce culture and transgender people. In February, 2015 just three months before he announced his candidacy, Huckabee mocked transgender people saying, "Now I wish that someone told me that when I was in high school that I could have felt like a woman when it came time to take showers in PE." After the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in America, Huckabee wrote an article about fighting gay marriage.

The former governor of Arkansas, who has a net worth of $5 million currently resides in Hope, Arkansas with his wife, Janet. The couple married at a young age, and have been together for 41 years. They have three children together.