President Nominee Donald Trump asks Russia to locate the missing emails of Hillary Clinton. Trumps very serious about this.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has called on the Soviet Nation to find emails of Hillary Clinton, his arch rival in the United States Presidential Elections 2016. During the press conference held on Wednesday Trump kpt on mentioning about the emails that were deleted by Clinton for the server of the state. Along with that he also urged Russian hackers to do "something" about it.

Russia, if you are listening, I hope you are able to find emails that are missing.You will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.

Hillary CLinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton was being investigated for using a private server to host governmental emails when she was Secretary of State. She handed over the server including more than 30000 emails to US officials but also deleted more than 30000 emails in the server. When asked, she said those emails to be personal.While HIallry Clinton is suffering from this misery Trump is enjoying her plight to the fullest and has taken the presidential war literally. 


However not everyone seems to have the same opinion as Trump. Mike Pence who is the Vice President nominee chosen by Trump himself last week; warned Russia not to hack US systems  as it would not end with good consequences. Along with that he also suggested that probabaly Russian hackers were responsible  for this and that FBI would get to the bootom to find who the hacker is.

In all of this though,Trump cleared himself being innocent and has no information about it. Further, he also mentioned ‘nothing to do’ with the Russian leader Putin. That’s the different statement than in last year debate where he claimed to know Putin in the show 60 minutes.

Trump mentioned himself to know and understand Russian leader Putin, as both were aired on September episode of the show. (Time)

Yet suggested to US authorities the emails could be something else, and Clinton might be hiding something. In the conference, he also mentioned if Russians are hackers, they might also have those deleted emails.

Kevin Mitnick, IT Security consultant tweeted that what Trump commenced through the conference to hack Clinton’s emails. Such work falls under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.