President Counselor Of the United States Kellyanne Conway Living happily with her husband and Children

The full name of Kellyanne Conway is Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway. She is an American political activist who is currently serving as the Counselor to the President for Donald Trump. She is also known as a strategist, a pollster,  and a Republican Party campaign manager.

You might know Kellyanne as the CEO of The Polling Company Inc./ Woman Trend and also a former president. Now, people are attracted towards Kellyanne's personal life. Let's discuss more about her marital life with George T. Conway. Check it out…

President Counselor of United States Kellyanne Conway's Marital Life

After Kellyanne got selected as the counselor of Donald Trump and her husband George rumored to be selected for Trump's Top Supreme Court Lawyer, the couple has now been in limelight. If you are keen to know about Kellyanne's personal life then we are here to inform you that Kellyanne Conway is already a married woman. She is married to a New York-based wealthy lawyer George T. Conway.

Kellyanne Conway Kellyanne Conway     Source: wennermedia

The couple first met in Yale Law School thus they are believed to be high school sweethearts. Many people claim that the couple dated before they tied the knot. The couple got married on April 28, 2001, and since then the couple is happily enjoying their marital life.

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Kellyanne Conway with her husband George T. Conway Kellyanne Conway with her husband George T. Conway   Source: .twimg

At the moment, the couple is enjoying 15 years of marital life. And there is no any kind of divorce rumors or any separation news every broadcasted in the media about the couple. Going through Kellyanne's official Instagram account, we can see her posts full of her husband and her four kids. She has posted the pictures of the entire family having fun together. Have a look…

 President Counselor of United States Kellyanne Conway's Children

The president counselor is blessed with four children in total. The couple has a set of twins and two children. The children are under 12 years old. George Conway and Claudia Conway are the names of her twin’s children. The twins’ children are studying in the sixth grade at the New Jersey Private School.

She is also the mother of an 8- year old girl who is studying the third grade. Her next child is also a girl who is now studying in first grade. Charlotte Conway and Vanessa Conway are the names of her younger daughters. The younger children are studying in the public schools.

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Kellyanne Conway and George T. Conway with their four children Kellyanne Conway and George T. Conway with their four children   Source: dailymail

Her official Instagram account clearly shows that she is happily enjoying her life as a mother and as a wife. There is no doubt that being a mother and a wife is really a tough job. But she seems to be a perfect woman who is just great at handling the personal life and professional job.